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ZhongYang characters

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Innovation Drives the Opportunity, Green Helps Promote Transformation

Text / Chen Shengde (Director of China Association of Construction Enterprise Management, Chairman of Zhongyang Construction Group) 


      2016 is the first year of the “13th Five-Year Plan” and a crucial year for the transformation and upgrading faced by the construction industry. The CPC Central Committee, the State Council, and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China have intensively introduced a series of new political measures related to the construction industry, including the comprehensive implementation of replacing business tax with value-added tax, the comprehensive implementation of the “four databases and one platform”, the simplification of some indicators for the qualification standards of construction enterprises, and the cleanup and standardization of the margin in the engineering construction field, the comprehensive improvement of the application of BIM technology for construction industry informatization, vigorous promotion of the PPP model, vigorous promotion of the general contracting of projects, and vigorous promotion of prefabricated building, etc., which will have a significant impact on the survival and future development of construction enterprises. In this year, Zhongyang Construction Group earnestly studies and judges the situation. Guided by the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, and the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Plenums of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, it firmly grasps the “Belt and Road” strategic development opportunity, actively implements the work deployment made at the beginning of the year according to the future five-year plan of the company, works hard, and expands and innovates constantly, and has made new achievements in various works. 





      The first is that the green building materials have ushered in the spring of development. The company was rated as “2016 The Most Green Growth Company”, and the building plastic composite templates developed and produced by Zhongyang Dexin Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group company, was awarded the “2016 Ecological (Green) Design & Green Manufacturing Key Common Technology Major Application Results”. Since the promotion of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in 2013, the product has been applied to several large-scale construction projects, including the Jiangxi Commerce Union Center, with a building height of 300 meters. The product quality has been generally praised by customers. During the two sessions in 2016, 41 deputies to the National People's Congress jointly submitted the proposal of Suggestions on Comprehensively Promoting the Application of Green Building Materials in Building Construction to Promote Circular Economy Development to the National People's Congress, requesting the further promotion of the application of plastic templates across the country. “Zhongyang Dexin Technology Co., Ltd.” has been successively rated as “The Most Influential Enterprise in China's Plastic Template Industry”, “National Demonstration Enterprise of 'Replacing Wood with Plastics'“, and “National Ecological (Green) Design Demonstration Enterprise”. And its “new composite building material project with the annual production of 300 thousand tons” was listed in the “National Resource Recycling Major Demonstration Project”. With the support of the Science and Technology Department of Jiangxi Province and the People's Government of Fuzhou Municipality, “Zhongyang Dexin Technology Co., Ltd.” and “Xinjiang Zhongtai Group” jointly established the “Jiangxi Zhongyang Science and Technology Cooperative Innovation” to provide strong support for the follow-up research and development of products. 

      The second is that the “go global” development has achieved initial results. With the care and help of the provincial and municipal governments and relevant departments, the company has joined the “Go out” Enterprise Strategic Cooperation Alliance of Jiangxi Province, and obtained the approval of the general contracting enterprise qualification of foreign aid complete project from the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, and established overseas branches in African countries such as Zambia, Ethiopia and Djibouti. Among them, the Zambia Branch has implemented projects of hospitals, water supply, roads, dams, housing and so on, involving an investment of about 500 million dollars, and is planning to build Jiangxi Industrial Park; Branches in Djibouti and Ethiopia have identified several cooperative projects such as teacher apartments, real estate, and eco-industry parks with a total investment of approximately 1 billion dollars. 

      The third is that the prefabricated building project is steadily advanced. Prefabricated buildings have become an important direction for the future development of construction companies. Approved by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the company has become the editor-in-chief unit of Jiangxi Province's engineering construction standard of Technical Specifications for Prefabricated Residential Buildings in Jiangxi Province, and has formulated the design and construction plan for the PC components in prefabricated buildings and prefabricated components factories in urban underground integrated pipe galleries. 

      In 2017, the development trend of the construction industry is further clarified. The informatization, industrialization and integration of design and construction general contracting will gradually become the mainstream, and the “go global” steps of enterprises will be further accelerated, and the importance of green development is more obvious. The competition between construction enterprises will also shift from qualification level and construction capacity to higher levels of finance, science and technology and talents, etc. Zhongyang Construction Group has clearly recognized this. To this end, the company will pay more attention to the role of goal orientation and talent fortress, continue to adhere to the two-wheel driven development strategy goals of “green development” and “go global”, take the corporate culture construction as an important starting point, take scientific innovation as the driving force, and build a strong team that dares to fight and bravely surpass the challenges, grasp firmly and implement vigorously to strongly, orderly and effectively promote various tasks and realize a new leap of the company in the new year. 

      The first is to further clarify the development goals. And hold up with other excellent and super-class private enterprises in the province and in China. Give full play to the tradition of Hometown of Construction of Fuzhou, conduct real practice and solid work, and be the file leader of the construction industry in the province. Fully study and well implement the prefabricated building production base project. With the strong support of local governments at all levels, ensure the full production in 2017 and strive to build the prefabricated building demonstration base in the province. Stabilize the foundation of overseas business, start and build a group of influential construction projects in Zambia, Djibouti and other countries; increase cooperation with enterprises at home and abroad, accelerate the pace of “go global”, and seek greater development in the African market. Actively enter the national major investment projects and construction markets with great opportunities, including underground integrated pipe galleries and various PPP projects, and strive for greater breakthroughs in business volume. 

      The second is to further release the company vitality. At present, Zhongyang Construction Group has had a good development platform, with high qualification level and complete qualification types. It also has many sectors such as new building materials, and investment and financing, especially a group of highly experienced senior management talent team in the industry. The next step is to give full play to the role of talents and strengthen the cultivation of middle-level forces. On the basis of strengthening the system construction, give full authorization, strengthen the performance appraisal, clarify reward and punishment measures, make those who work dare to take responsibility, and continuously release the company vitality to develop Zhongyang into a platform for gathering people. At the same time, strengthen internal training, focus on strengthening various professional and technical training, cultivate professional talents, and strive to achieve the scale of the company, the unitization of the department, and the specialization of the talents. Study, implement, and stimulate the shareholding system, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of project participants. 

      The third is to further accelerate the transformation and upgrading. Shoulder the social responsibility of protecting the ecological environment, and make unremitting efforts to promote circular economy and green development. In the aspect of the application of building plastic composite templates, further strive for the support of the People's Government of Jiangxi Province and the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and increase the support for the promotion in the whole province to lay a solid foundation for the products to go to the country, and create conditions for the listing of the company, and accelerate its transformation and upgrading. 

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