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Campus Recruiting

Campus Recruiting

Campus Recruiting

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In accordance with the national “Belt and Road” strategy, Zhongyang Construction Group has gradually formed its “Go Global” strategic plan for development and launched its overseas business in several African regions. In order to better serve the overseas market development of Group, we are now recruiting men of ability from the whole society.

Recruitment Instructions

1. Academic requirements: full-time undergraduate and above graduates in 2019;

2. Employed personnel will mainly be sent to Zambia, Djibouti, Ethiopia and other countries.


1. English translator:

Graduated from English translation and other related majors, skilled in listening, speaking, reading and writing, with CET-4 certificate holders preferred.

2.French translator:

Students applying for this position need to have French and relevant professional background, skilled in listening, speaking, reading and writing, with TFS-4 certificate holders preferred.

3.Financial staff:

Graduated from Finance and other related majors, holding CET-4 certificate, accountant qualification certificate, with junior title and CPA certificate holders preferred.

4.Engineering manager:

Graduated from Civil Engineering, Engineering Management, Structure, Electrical Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage, Heating and Ventilation, and relevant other majors, holding CET-4 certificate. The engineering manager is mainly responsible for managing the project quality and progress on site at the  project front-line, so as to ensure that the project be completed punctually and efficiently with high quality. While working hard, they should rapidly grow into the core of the company and become project managers scarce and excellent in the industry.

5. Project cost:

 Graduated from Engineering Management, Construction Costs, Constructional Engineering and other related majors, with CET-4 certificate. Familiar with relevant professional software, with cost engineer certificate holders preferred. Participate in, coordinate and cooperate with the relevant organizations and departments inside and outside the overseas projects to complete the design plan and eventually grow into management personnel rich in professional skills.

The employees of the above all positions will be sent to work overseas. Once hired, they will be preferentially treated!

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