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social recruitment

social recruitment

social recruitment

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French Translator (1 person)

Experience Requirements:

1. Aged 26-45 years old, healthy and excellent in professional accomplishment;

2. Able to adapt to the translation work in foreign construction projects, mainly working in Djibouti project site;

3. Graduated from French-related majors no less than 3 years, boasting over 1 year’s experience in full-time translation of the French language;

4. Holding TFS-4, TFS-8 and relevant certificates, master in French, proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing, solid in basic French translation and interpretation, and boasting a certain terminology foundation in industrial and civil construction industry;

5. Prefer those experienced in project translation overseas.

Job Duties:

1. Responsible for oral translation in project business negotiation, business reception and project coordination, etc.

2. Responsible for translating project contract attachments, documents, engineering standards, construction drawings, correspondence and so on;

3. Responsible for translation in such scenarios as follows: work contact between project engineering and foreign agencies or local governments; communication and coordination with local personnel;

4. Responsible for translation and interpretation during materials procurement, business reception, accommodation and logistics, etc.;

5. Responsible for translation on site during the project construction.

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