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Practice the spirit of Gan Shang in the new era of father-son model worker


Practice the spirit of Gan Shang in the new era of father-son model worker

2020-11-10 17:47

Jiangxi has a splendid ancient Jiangxi merchant culture. In history, there emerged a large number of powerful porcelain merchants, tea merchants, grain merchants and medicine merchants, etc., with "a large number of people and a wide range of operations", jiangxi once dominated the Chinese business community. Today's Jiangxi merchants continue the fine tradition of their ancestors and make their own way in a down-to-earth way in the new era, realizing the development of enterprises and not forgetting to repay their hometown.

In Fuzhou, there are two well-known entrepreneurial model workers from the same family and enterprise, both in and out of the province. In the past three years, their company has provided more than 200 million yuan of tax revenue to the country and provided about 7,000 jobs for the society every year. At the beginning of this year's COVID-19 outbreak, they donated 1 million yuan to Hubei province and then another 2 million yuan to the province to fight the outbreak. They are the national May 1st Labor Medal winner, Vice chairman of Jiangxi Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chairman of Zhongyang Construction Group Co., LTD. Chen Shengde, Jiangxi model worker, President of Zhongyang Construction Group Co., LTD. Chen Enbin.

Chen Shengde: Ride the tide of reform and Opening up

The 62 - year - old Chen Shengde, has won the national medal of May Day has jiangxi vice chairman of the federation of industry and commerce, the central African folk chamber of commerce, vice President, vice President of jiangxi province chamber of commerce, and many other dazzling identity, but in the face of the reporter's visit, first, he said: "I am a peasant, my first job in life, is the mason on the construction site."

From the apprentice to the monitor of the bricklayer class, the captain of the project construction team, to the project manager, Chen Shengde has been working in the construction industry until today. From The First Construction Company of Jiangxi Province to the fourth branch of Jiangxi Construction Engineering Group, and then to Fuzhou Construction Group and Zhongyang Construction Group of Jiangxi Province, all the construction projects he is responsible for are well known in the industry for their engineering quality.




Talked about his transition from construction group captain contracted construction project, he regrets ground say: "in the 1980 s, the tide of the reform and opening to the jiangxi brought a lot of opportunities, I was try holding the attitude, on the path of project construction contract, has all kinds of difficulties, but I never give up, so had been go today. Or the national policy is good! Otherwise, I, as a young worker, would not have had the opportunity to study and participate in the development of a series of projects, let alone get to where I am today."

It is understood that The zhongyang Construction Group Co., LTD., formerly known as Fuzhou Regional Construction And Engineering Bureau and Fuzhou Regional Construction and Engineering Company, under the leadership of Chen Shengde, is an old state-owned construction company established in 1953. In 2003, the company faces the restructuring of state-owned enterprises in the critical moment, and then the jiangxi provincial construction group, general manager of the fourth affiliated Chen Shengde after careful choice, resolutely give up branch leadership work in state-owned enterprises, as a private ownership, the company, to lead the company smooth and successfully complete the state-owned enterprise restructuring, in November 2010, the company changed its name to ZhongYang construction group co., LTD., the existing registered capital of 916.18 million yuan.

Seemingly simple resume, for Chen Shengde, the beginning of his business is the most difficult and memorable time.

"Although I am responsible for the construction of engineering projects, working as a project manager in other enterprises is totally different from the pressure of working for myself. Especially when you're in the face of the whole company so many employees, their salary, their development prospects, and even their family life is dependent on the job as they head for me this new company to look forward to look in the eyes, will remind myself, I not only should take responsibility for their own choice, are more responsible for the whole company team, I must lead everyone rushes out a new road! Let everyone have a good life!" When talking about the beginning of his business, you can still feel his lofty ambition.

Under Chen Shengde, from the contract to build the first project began after state-owned enterprise restructuring, the group always adhere to the tenet of good faith management, quality first, improving project quality and safety management, so far, the group contract to build the project won the provincial and municipal quality award of more than 400, of which more than 70 project was awarded the provincial and municipal quality safety standardization demonstrative project, a number of projects won the standardized credit AAA safety civilization construction site, the national customer satisfaction project, the provincial new technology application demonstration project construction. The group has also won the national Excellent construction enterprise, national advanced enterprise of construction industry, National Advanced Unit of Scientific and technological innovation, national AAA credit enterprise of construction industry and other honors.

Chen Enbin: Led the team to win the luban Prize twice

At the end of 2015, the new Hospital (Phase I) of Nanchang Hongdu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine contracted by Zhongyang Construction Group was awarded "Luban Award", the highest construction project in China. Chen's son, Chen Enbin, is in charge of the project. November 17, that year, for Chen Enbin, is a day to remember forever. On that day, in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, he took back from the hands of the Vice Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development the "little Golden Statue", the medal and the certificate of Lu Ban award. Chen said, "The Luban Award is the highest honor and dream that all construction workers in China have pursued throughout their lives. It is also the first time that our company has won this award for a project it has undertaken since its inception. All the people in our group are proud and excited! This is the first time For me to independently take charge of such a major engineering project. It is the hard work of our whole team and also a great inspiration for my future work."

Approaching honggutan Branch of Nanchang Hongdu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the building with white walls, black tiles and red columns with coreaves is particularly eye-catching. This building designed in the style of Han and Tang Dynasties is unique in the whole Jiangxi province and even the central region. From modelling to functional layout, the entire building is blended in traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the "Yin pingyang secret, spirit is" point of view, the mass-tone attune to the exterior, small to appear in court of a piece of floor tile, on the collocation of color selection, the buildings are in a natural and pure and fresh rocks, plants and other natural elements color is given priority to, to fit the nature of the Chinese medicine keeping in good health.

"It was an unprecedented challenge for our group to build a building that fully integrated the han and Tang styles with traditional Chinese medicine," Chen told reporters. The architectural design was revised more than 10 times, and we made every detail perfect. We are very happy that our team finally lived up to the expectations of the public and presented this unique building of traditional Chinese medicine hospital."

The reporter understands, nanchang hongdu hospital new school early (phase I) project construction, the coincided with winter, Chen Enbin as project director, a stay at the scene of the project is all day every day, every day the wind makes the frostbite on his face, he not only because of his father's aura choose retreat, but keep the family, every day to work in the field, from the construction of the site houses, the project's late every detail, all know he patiently survey, in the whole construction period, his footsteps throughout every corner of the project, small to each piece of floor tile decorative pattern is his hand. "In working on the specifics of each project, I just remember that I am the project leader, that I am responsible to my team and responsible to my project, and that there can be no slack off," he said. If my father influenced my work, it would have made me more demanding of myself and less disgraceful to my father."

In December 2019, The Zhongyang Plaza project in Fuzhou, undertaken by Zhongyang Construction Group, was awarded the "Luban Award" again, which was also a major project in the personal charge of Chen Enbin. The second "Lu Ban Award" is of great significance to Chen and his son.

The winning project of Fuzhou Zhongyang Plaza has achieved the "Luban Award" zero breakthrough for local construction projects of Fuzhou construction enterprises and set a new benchmark for Fuzhou construction industry. "Fuzhou is the hometown of architecture in Jiangxi province," Chen said with a smile. People engaged in the construction industry in Fuzhou all hope to have a project in their hometown recognized by the national honor, and I am no exception. This zhongyang Square project can win the 'Luban Prize', which finally makes my dream come true.

It is understood that, as a private enterprise, can be within a few years to achieve the construction of the project twice won the national construction project the highest award "Luban Award", it is commendable. This dazzling achievement can not be separated from Chen Shengde's decades of dedication to project quality and adherence to honest management, and even more can not be separated from Chen Enbin's spirit of inheriting his father's trustworthiness, courage to develop and practical work.




In the interview process, Chen Shengde and Chen Enbin repeatedly stressed to reporters: "thank you very much for the country's good policy under the new era, thanks to the jiangxi provincial government, fuzhou municipal party committee municipal government for our enterprises to create a good business environment, we ZhongYang construction group, the private enterprise to have the opportunity to participate in a number of large projects, can blend in internationalization development pattern, outside, broaden horizons, to develop career." In recent years, under the leadership of Chen Shengde and Chen Enbin, Zhongyang Construction Group has not only become a leading benchmark in the construction industry in China, but also developed its diversified business and overseas business smoothly. At present, the group has obtained the qualification of foreign aid project general contracting enterprise of the national Ministry of Commerce, in Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, djibouti, Bangladesh and other countries have set up overseas branch, overseas hospitals, schools, highways, the building of social security, grain depot, comprehensive commercial plaza, and many other projects in the construction of passion. At the end of 2019, the group won the bid for the office building project of the Transportation Bureau headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, after a fierce competition in the Ethiopian international tender. This project is another large project that Zhongyang Construction Group has won the bid in Ethiopia after the grain depot project of National Food Reserve Administration of Ethiopia. Now the construction has started.

A loving father and son who shoulder social responsibility

ZhongYang construction group, now has grown to involve ZhongYang building, ZhongYang industry, ZhongYang property, ZhongYang agriculture, ZhongYang capital, ZhongYang medical equipment and so on many areas of business, for seven consecutive years among the private enterprises in jiangxi province in the front row in the top conglomerate, has also been listed as "typical" non-public economic development in jiangxi province advanced.

To protect the ecological environment, promote the development of green construction, under the advocacy of Chen Enbin, ZhongYang construction group invested hundreds of millions of yuan funding research and development production of new green building materials products, its products are successfully used in construction, automotive, packaging, logistics and other fields, by the customer the consistent high praise, the company was named "national plastic and wood demonstration enterprise" and "national ecological demonstration enterprise" (green) design. The first prefabricated building production base in Fuzhou, which is invested by the Group, is listed as one of the top 50 prefabricated building enterprises in China and a national prefabricated building industrial base, continuously leading and promoting the process of building industrialization in Fuzhou. The health technology enterprises invested by Zhongyang are mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of the second type of medical devices. At present, the company produces more than 240,000 common disposable medical masks and surgical masks every day, which not only meet the needs of its own employees at home and abroad, but also sell well overseas.

In 2018, 3000 hectares of farm ZhongYang construction group successful acquisition of Zambia, construction ZhongYang (Zambia) ecological agriculture industrial park, this project has been praised the government attaches great importance to, the two countries to improve the agricultural structure in Zambia, improve the level of local farmers, agricultural extension, power ZhongYang green development, transformation and upgrading is of great significance.

When talking about why we should carry out diversified businesses and overseas businesses, Chen Shengde said earnestly, "Although the business development of Zhongyang Construction Group is relatively stable in recent years, facing the fierce market competition and the new challenges of the general transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, as the enterprise leader, we must be prudent in times of peace. Therefore, combined with our existing enterprise advantages, we actively develop other business segments, which can form a virtuous circle with our current engineering construction main business, and jointly promote the improvement of the comprehensive strength of the group.

In addition to being enterprising, innovative and courageous entrepreneurs, Chen Shengde and Chen Enbin are also renowned as public welfare personages in their hometown.

In order to help alleviate poverty, the father and son took an active part in various targeted poverty alleviation activities carried out by the guangming cause and the provincial and municipal governments, including industrial support and donation. Under their leadership, Zhongyang Construction Group was awarded as an advanced private enterprise in jiangxi Province's "Thousands of enterprises help thousands of villages" targeted poverty alleviation action and an enterprise with outstanding contribution to poverty alleviation.



In July 2016, Zhongyang Construction Group funded the poverty-stricken households in Sandu Village, Tanxi Township, Lichuan County, and actively helped the village to repair the disaster-hit water conservancy facilities and implement the Project of Lianxin Poverty Alleviation Greenhouse vegetable Cooperative. In 2017, the group donated 1.5 million yuan to the Fuzhou Charity Foundation to help disaster-hit areas and out-of-school children. In order to help poor students finish their studies, he also donated 1 million yuan to Nanchang Youth Development Fund for the construction of Hope Primary School, and donated 500,000 yuan to Lichuan No. 2 Middle School to participate in the "Golden Autumn Education" activity in Fuzhou. In August 2018, donated 250,000 yuan to help farmers in Shangtang Town, Nancheng County, Fuzhou city, build shelters and plant mushrooms; In 2019, we will help Wushi Village, Wushi Town, Zixi County, Fuzhou, develop the Gegen industry and help the masses increase production and incomes. RMB 280,000 yuan was donated to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation in Yanghu Village, Xiaohuang Town, Dongxiang County, Fuzhou city. It donated 550,000 yuan to help Yangjiatian Village, Luxi County, Pingxiang to build an entrepreneurship and employment center for villagers, helping farmers get rid of poverty and get rich.

To support the local cultural heritage, the father and son donated 3 million yuan to the Tang Xianzu Culture and Art Foundation in Jiangxi and 1 million yuan to the Tang Xianzu Drama Festival. In 2019, in response to the call of Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee and government, the group undertook the construction of the first overseas Peony Pavilion project (Stratford, UK) and then the peony Pavilion project (Perm, Russia), contributing to the promotion and building of the "hometown of Opera" and even the "International Theater Capital" in fuzhou.




Chen Shengde told reporters: "we do business, not only to do a good job in the cause, but also to do a good job in return to the township catalpa. No matter how many regions and countries our group's business has developed, I always remember that I am from Jiangxi province, as long as I have the ability, I will do my best for my hometown!"

The main connotation of The Spirit of Gan Shang is "being honest and doing hard work, upholding justice and benefiting the whole world". From leading the restructuring of state-owned enterprises to the zhongyang Construction Group which has won numerous honors today, the reporter can deeply feel their painstaking inheritance and vivid practice of The Spirit of Gan Shang in the struggle experience of Chen Shengde and Chen Enbin.

As Chen Shengde said, "Houde is a valuable quality inherited from the Shang dynasty in Jiangxi province. Practical work is a magic weapon for The success of Jiangxi Merchants. Righteousness and profit is the business ethics of Gan Shang that values righteousness over profit. The world, is gan shang broad zhiyuan feelings of the country. In the new era, we, the Merchants of Jiangxi, should not only carry forward the fine traditions of the ancient Merchants of Jiangxi, but also have the spirit of innovation, the courage to forge ahead, and the courage to shoulder social responsibilities.

Zhongyang Construction Group Co., LTD

Zhongyang Construction Group Co., LTD., formerly known as Fuzhou Construction Engineering Bureau, was founded in 1953 and restructured as a state-owned enterprise in 2003. In November 2010, it was renamed Zhongyang Construction Group Co., LTD., with the registered capital of 9161.8 million yuan. The company firmly promotes the globalization strategy and adheres to the dual wheel drive of industrial development and capital operation. Its business involves construction, industry, real estate, agriculture, capital, medical equipment and other fields. Its annual operating scale is nearly 10 billion yuan, and it has been ranked among the top 100 private enterprises in Jiangxi province for seven consecutive years.



Zhongyang is a top-grade enterprise mainly engaged in construction, with its business covering 22 provinces (cities and districts) and developing overseas markets mainly in Africa. The company contract to build the project won the highest honor in construction engineering quality luban prize in item 2, more than 400 provincial and municipal projects with high quality, of which more than 70 project was awarded the provincial and municipal quality safety standardization demonstrative project, a number of projects won the standardized credit AAA safety civilization construction site, the national customer satisfaction engineering, construction of new technology application demonstration projects in the province.

Zhongyang mainly researches, develops and produces prefabricated buildings and new building materials. ZhongYang research technology co., LTD. Fuzhou city is the first concrete fabricated PC components manufacturing enterprises, the project total investment 1.01 billion yuan, the first phase of construction investment of 150 million yuan, the factory covers an area of 140 mu, set up four production lines, PC components of 100000 cubic meters per year, annual output value of 300 million yuan, in order to create national prefabricated construction industry base as the goal, in 2018 among the top 50 national prefabricated construction enterprise, in 2020 was identified as a national industrial base of prefabricated construction. Zhongyang Dexin Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of new green building materials. The new PVC plastic composite template produced by the company, with the leading quality index in China, is an energy-saving and environmental protection product promoted by the national construction industry, and has made a positive contribution to the development of energy conservation and environmental protection of the industry by promoting the construction industry "replacing wood with plastic" and "replacing steel with plastic".

The company has provincial-level enterprise technology center, and has obtained 3 invention patents and 37 utility model patents, 3 national-level construction laws and 11 provincial-level construction laws. Won 2 Science and Technology Progress Awards of Jiangxi Province; He has edited the national industry standard "Construction plastic composite Formwork Engineering Technical Regulations" and jiangxi Province's first prefabricated building standard "Assembly integrated concrete Housing Design Standard".

Zhongyang real estate mainly has Fuzhou Platinum waterfront residential district, Dechang Mansion and Zhongyang square commercial office. Birkin Waterfront district covers an area of more than 140,000 square meters, with a total construction area of more than 400,000 square meters. With a total construction area of about 80,000 square meters, Dechang Mansion is the only high-quality Chinese family mansion in the prosperous old town of Fuzhou. Zhongyang Square is the economic building of the group headquarters with a total construction area of more than 90,000 square meters. It is adjacent to the administrative center of Fuzhou and is a new landmark of Fuzhou city.

The symbol of Zhongyang agriculture is Zhongyang (Zambia) Ecological agriculture Industrial Park. The construction goal of the industrial park is to combine with advanced listed agricultural companies and leading industrial enterprises at home and abroad, create a new model of China-Africa agricultural cooperation with high starting point planning, high standard design, high quality construction, and high level management and operation. The project, with a recent investment of 500 million yuan, a medium-term investment of 1.5 billion yuan and a long-term planned investment of 3.5 billion yuan, is one of the largest agricultural projects invested and constructed by Chinese private enterprises in Africa so far. This project has been highly valued by the Chinese and Zambian governments, and will be of great significance to improving the agricultural structure of Zambia, improving the agricultural technology level of local farmers, and facilitating the green development, transformation and upgrading of Zhongyang.

Zhongyang capital invests mainly in infrastructure, industrial parks, new building materials, real estate and new energy development, etc. In recent years, it also actively explores investment in life and health, big data industry and other aspects. The group has obtained AAA credit rating in the credit rating of commercial Banks over the years, and is a high-quality customer supported by major Banks.

Zhongyang medical equipment is the new direction of the group's investment during the epidemic. At present, there are new wholly-owned subsidiaries, Jiangxi Suokang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Kemei Xin Medical Technology Co., LTD. Suokang Medical is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of the second type of medical devices. It is equipped with a high-standard aseptic clean workshop and three automatic production lines of one to two masks. Speed kang medical company in March 2020 was incorporated into jiangxi province development and reform commission for epidemic prevention and control the key security supplies production enterprises, the current to produce masks has exceeded 7 million, in addition to the production of ordinary disposable surgical masks and medical surgical masks, company will also introduce KN95 mask production line, to build domestic surgical masks brand as the goal, plan to support domestic demand for resistance to disease prevention and control, actively open up foreign markets. Jiangxi Kemei Xin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2020. With the full support and participation of Zhongyang Construction Group Co., LTD., Wuhan Taili Meixin Medical Technology Co., LTD., Chinese Academy of Sciences Guokai Holding Group and Guokai Health Holding, it is an innovative medical technology company established by combining local high-quality resources in Jiangxi province. On the basis of the first generation wireless electronic thermometer, its products continue to optimize the functions of the products, and realize the wide application in medical scenes, public health scenes, great health scenes, industrial and infrastructure scenes.

In recent years, the Group has won a number of honors, such as national Advanced Collective of Housing urban-rural construction System, National Excellent Construction Enterprise, National Advanced Enterprise of construction industry, National Advanced Unit of Scientific and Technological Innovation, National AAA Credit Enterprise of construction industry, National May Day Labor Award and so on.


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