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Celebrate the start of the New Year and strive to create a happy future

Celebrate the start of the New Year and strive to create a happy future

Celebrate the start of the New Year and strive to create a happy future

2019-02-14 17:18

Firecrackers sound old year, full of confidence to welcome the New Year. On February 14, 2019, after a happy, peaceful and relaxing Spring Festival holiday, Zhongyang Construction Group and its subsidiaries (branches) at home and abroad jointly welcomed the auspicious Start of construction after the Spring Festival holiday. Employees from all over the world returned to work on time, full of energy, to start the journey of the New Year.

Fifty eight at eight o 'clock in the morning at a predetermined very auspicious, group headquarters of the company headquarters in nanchang, fuzhou and ZhongYang research concrete, ZhongYang DE xin, ZhongYang plaza, ZhongYang Johnson, ZhongYang Zambia branch, Ethiopia branch each company staff, such as electronic firecrackers lit at the same time, the busy opening ceremony bringing festive and joyous atmosphere to every employee; Clear and loud sound of firecrackers one after another, deafening, indicating that Zhongyang Group prosperous, thriving.




Group company fuzhou headquarters staff




Staff of nanchang headquarters of the group company




Zhongyang concrete staff




Zhongyang DE Xin and Zhongyang Concrete research staff




Zhongyang Zambian Ecological Agriculture Industrial Park staff




Zhongyang Zambian Ecological agriculture Industrial Park commenced




Zhongyang Ethiopian branch staff


The New Year opens a new hope, a new journey carries new dreams. In the New Year, Zhongyang Group will continue to build core competitive advantages, go all out, seize the momentum and make the enterprise bigger, better and stronger!

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