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Vice President Wu Yiqiang organized the prefab building seminar

Vice President Wu Yiqiang organized the prefab building seminar

Vice President Wu Yiqiang organized the prefab building seminar

2019-03-16 17:27

  Wu Yiqiang, vice President of the Group and general manager of Zhongyang Concrete Construction, organized a special lecture on prefab building in the morning of March 16, 2019, in order to popularize the professional knowledge of prefab building and improve the practical operation ability of the employees of Zhongyang Concrete Construction project. Nearly 100 employees from engineering management department, business accounting Department, Financial Department of the group, Human resources Department and Zhongyang Concrete Company attended the lecture.



  Vice President Wu Yiqiang gave a detailed explanation on the basic knowledge of prefabricated building, design process, assembly rate calculation, construction process and other aspects combined with typical case analysis. The lecture has a large amount of information, a wide range of knowledge, strong pertinence, both theoretical depth, and intuitive image, easy to understand so that the audience know a lot of basic knowledge of prefabricated construction.




  The employees who listened to the lecture said that the lecture was instructive, rich in content, easy to understand, and could be combined with reality. They also expressed the hope that the group could organize more similar professional lectures or training, so as to better improve the knowledge quality of the group's employees and better facilitate the leap-forward development of the group's transformation and upgrading.




Prefabricated construction project of the Group: Fuzhou Elderly Apartment Phase II project




Prefab building is a building made from prefabricated parts assembled on site. Significant changes to the way the development of prefabricated building is built, is time to future architecture transformation and upgrading, promoting the development of the supply side structural reforms and the new urbanization important measures, to save resources, reduce the pollution of construction, improve labor productivity and the quality and safety level, is conducive to the construction industry and the informationization industrialization depth fusion, foster new industry new kinetic energy, promote dissolve excess capacity.

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