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Great honor, great encouragement

Great honor, great encouragement

Great honor, great encouragement

2019-04-23 09:12

  -- Warm congratulations to Chairman Chen Shengde on winning the "National May Day Labor Medal"


  On the morning of April 23, a ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the People to celebrate the 2019 May Day international Labor Day and the National May Day Labor Award and the National Workers Pioneer Award. Chen Shengde, vice chairman of Jiangxi Province Federation of Industry and Commerce, President of Fuzhou Model Workers Association and chairman of Zhongyang Construction Group, was awarded the honorary title of "May 1st Labor Medal" and invited to attend the commendation conference. He was cordially received by party and state leaders. This is the honor of all Zhongyang people!




  The National May Day Labor Medal is a lofty honor bestowed by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions on workers who have made outstanding contributions to the building of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


To Chen Shengde ZhongYang group chairman of the board of directors as the core, since 2003, restructuring, innovation, transformation and upgrading, and continue to grow stronger, by a single domain of architecture engineering construction, quickly turned to capital investment, building materials industry, real estate development and the ecological agriculture extension, for six consecutive years among the top private enterprises in jiangxi province. Under the new situation, zhongyang group keeps up with the general trend of green development and actively integrates the "One Belt And One Road" development strategy. It has achieved leapfrog development in overseas markets mainly in Africa, new green building materials, prefabricated buildings, ecological agriculture and other fields.




While bigger and stronger enterprise, Chen Shengde chairman actively fulfill the social responsibility of entrepreneurs, carry forward the "thick DE work, an escapist world" spirit of gan shang, nearly three years, to the social public welfare and charity donation of more than 1200 ten thousand yuan, 200 million yuan of taxes to the contribution of each year to provide social labor jobs about 7000 people, made a positive contribution to local economic development, won the "national May 1 labor medal" honor, is deserved.

Chen Shengde, chairman of the board, is modest and frank. In the face of the honor, he believes that the honor has benefited from the recognition and support of the provincial Party Committee and provincial government, municipal Party Committee and municipal government, provincial Federation of Trade unions and municipal Federation of Trade unions. The medal is not only a commendation to him personally, but also an affirmation of the team spirit of unity, cooperation and sincere dedication of all employees of Zhongyang Group. It is not only a lofty honor and great encouragement, but also a higher requirement and great spur. He will double cherish the honor, keep up with the pace of xi jinping and the CPC Central Committee general secretary, listen to the party, go with the party, continue to carry forward the spirit of labor model and craftsmen in the new period spirit, unity and lead ZhongYang person with more determination and more high morale into the transformation and upgrading, spanning development, user's ZhongYang group become more satisfied, happier employees of well-known enterprises.



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