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Fuzhou's first prefabricated building the first batch of PC components lifting ceremony achieved a complete success

Fuzhou's first prefabricated building the first batch of PC components lifting ceremony achieved a complete success

Fuzhou's first prefabricated building the first batch of PC components lifting ceremony achieved a complete success

2019-05-08 09:33

The first batch of PC components was hoisted at 9:28 am on May 8 in Fuzhou's first prefabricated building -- The city's elderly Apartment Phase II (Rehabilitation Center) project, which was built by Zhongyang Construction Group. Fuzhou city housing and urban and rural construction bureau, fuzhou city investment development (group) co., LTD., fuzhou city tengda investment management co., LTD., fuzhou city construction of housing construction investment co., LTD., fuzhou city, prefabricated construction management office, ZhongYang group leadership and supervision, testing and design, component production units such as hundred people witness this important moment.








  PC component hoisting site


  In recent years, Zhongyang Group has actively implemented the green development strategy and invested heavily in the construction of Fuzhou's first prefabricated building component production base -- Fuzhou Zhongyang Research Concrete Construction Technology Co., Ltd. in Fuzhou High-tech Zone. The construction of this base has been highly valued and strongly supported by fuzhou Municipal Party Committee and government. The main leaders have visited the enterprises and guided the development of prefabricated buildings and component research and production. In the whole industrial chain of prefabricated buildings, Zhongyang Concrete has formed a scale, fully capable of undertaking large orders for prefabricated components. At the same time, the design Standards for Assembling Integrated Concrete Houses and the Standards for fabricating and Quality Acceptance of Prefabricated Components for Assembling Integrated Concrete Houses, edited by Zhongyang Construction Group, have been approved as the local standards for engineering construction in Jiangxi Province.




Zhongyang Concrete prefabricated base PC component yard




Xiao Yi, vice chairman of jiangxi CPPCC and Party secretary of Fuzhou, inspected the concrete prefab building production base of Zhongyang Yan




Fuzhou mayor Zhang Hongxing inspected the development of Zhongyang Group


The elderly apartment Phase II (Rehabilitation Center) project covers an area of 2,026 square meters, with a total construction area of 19,461 square meters. It has a framework structure, 10 floors above ground and 1 floor underground, with a total investment of about 62.64 million yuan. Its prefabricated PC components are all produced and provided by Fuzhou Zhongyang Yan Concrete Construction Technology Co., LTD. According to the characteristics of the prefabricated process, standardization and process-based operation standards are formulated and implemented. Precast concrete columns, beams, composite slabs, stairs, air conditioning slabs and other component types are applied, and BIM technology is adopted for construction modeling and construction organization. Before the hoisting, experts are specially organized to demonstrate the construction organization design scheme, which ensures the hoisting positioning is accurate, the installation process is orderly, and the expected construction quality and schedule requirements are completely met, which embodies the painstaking efforts and wisdom of many experts and participating units。




Expert argumentation meeting of prefabricated special construction Plan for the elderly Apartment Phase II (Rehabilitation Center) project




Zhongyang Concrete prefabricated building production base


To hoisting ceremony guests fully affirmed the ZhongYang group and to promote fuzhou ZhongYang research concrete prefabricated construction field demonstration role, hope the old apartment phase ii (center) rehabilitation projects to forge a fuzhou city actively prefabricated building demonstration project, to speed up promote transformation and upgrading of fuzhou construction and the development of green building.

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