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The Fuzhou Model Workers association led by Chen Shengde, chairman of the board, issued an initiative of "gathering the strength of model workers, adhering to green development and building a beautiful Fuzhou"

The Fuzhou Model Workers association led by Chen Shengde, chairman of the board, issued an initiative of "gathering the strength of model workers, adhering to green development and building a beautiful Fuzhou"

The Fuzhou Model Workers association led by Chen Shengde, chairman of the board, issued an initiative of "gathering the strength of model workers, adhering to green development and building a beautiful Fuzhou"

2020-05-18 09:39



  In order to vigorously carry forward the spirit of model workers, give full play to model workers' exemplary role and make the green industry bigger and stronger, On May 9, Fuzhou Model workers' Association held the theme activity of "Gathering the strength of model workers, adhering to green development and building a Beautiful Fuzhou" in Zixi County. Deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Jiang Yulan, visited the representatives of model workers and had cordial discussions with them.



Chen Shengde, chairman of the group, inspected the Zhongyang Ecological Agriculture Industrial Park (Zambia) project



Are countries such as Kenya, Zambia's visit to the national May 1 labor medal winner, jiangxi province, vice President of the federation, ZhongYang construction group co., LTD., chairman of fuzhou city model worker association, comrade Chen Shengde through Yang Zhiwu city model worker association secretary general to attend live visit communication seminar every leader and every model on behalf of my kind regards and respect.

When communicating with representatives of model workers on site, Jiang Yulan pointed out that model workers are the leader of The Times. It is of great significance to hold the theme activity of "Gathering the strength of model workers, adhering to green development and Building a Beautiful Fuzhou". To build a beautiful and happy new Fuzhou, we need to pool the strength of our model workers and encourage more working people to devote themselves to "green development" with their vigor and enthusiasm. Green is the background color of nature. Clear water and green mountains mean gold and silver mountains, and improving the ecological environment means developing the productive forces. Good ecology itself contains infinite economic value, which can continuously create comprehensive benefits and realize sustainable economic and social development. She hopes that all levels of labor model into a new era, based on a new starting point, sets up the new target, in their respective fields with a model of advanced ideas and exemplary behavior influence and drive more worker masses on a journey in the construction of a new beautiful happiness fuzhou portrays the own green footprints, become an important participant in fuzhou ecological civilization construction, contributors, leading the charge.





Jiang Yulan stressed that the workers association should firmly establish a sense of service, combined with the central work, the strength of workers, creative activities. We should give full play to the role of model workers' associations and create opportunities for model workers' learning, training and exchange. We should encourage and promote the establishment of model workers' association branches and model workers' homes in all counties and districts, ensure that there are no blind spots in model workers' management organizationally, further give play to the role of model workers' homes and model workers' activity rooms, and bring the service work of model workers to the grass-roots level.

Chen Shengde pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping has taken green development and a beautiful China to a new height, put forward the goal of building a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful, and included the principle of harmonious coexistence between man and nature in the 14 basic strategies of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era. This is a manifesto for building a beautiful China in the new era and an mobilization order to realize the people's aspiration for a better life. We will fully implement the new era of ecological civilization construction thought, xi force model, adhere to the green development, the construction of fuzhou is a beautiful, let a good ecological environment become the growth point of people's life, become show fuzhou good image of the swimmer, let common people breathing the fresh air, drink clean water, eat that food, living in the livable environment, economic development of a sense of real environmental benefits, let the fuzhou earth day more blue, the mountains greener, waters cleaner and more beautiful environment, toward the ecological civilization era.



We will pool the strength of model workers and adhere to green development to build a beautiful Fuzhou



  As General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out, "We want not only clear water and green mountains, but also mountains of gold and silver. Clear water and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver." This important statement of General Secretary Xi jinping embodies the firm determination and strong will of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core to comprehensively promote ecological progress and build a beautiful China. To fully implement Xi Jinping Thought on ecological progress for a New Era, pool the strength of model workers, adhere to green development, and build a beautiful Fuzhou, model workers at all levels shoulder the responsibility, the mission is glorious, duty-bound. Here, we hereby issue the following proposals to all kinds of model workers at all levels in the city:


First, do not waver in the practice of green development and be a propagandist for beautiful Fuzhou

  Comprehensive implementation xi thought about the construction of the new era of ecological civilization, to be adhere to the green development, the construction of beautiful advocate of fuzhou, to do propaganda work, family, friends and society with practical action to guide the firm set up respecting nature, comply with the nature, protect the natural ecological civilization concept, further enhance the ecological environment protection consciousness, make more people understand the value of green development, consciously join to adhere to the green development, the construction of the beautiful fuzhou. We will work hard and make contributions year after year. We will unswervingly follow the path of civilized development featuring increased production, a well-off life and a sound ecological environment. We will strive to establish a good culture that says, "I am proud of adhering to green development and I am responsible for building a beautiful Fuzhou." So that adhering to green development and building a beautiful Fuzhou in eastern Jiangxi will become a vivid practice and produce fruitful results.
Second, do not slack off in promoting green development, and be a practitioner of beautiful Fuzhou
  Let's take action, start from ourselves, and actively participate in the construction of ecological civilization. Take the lead in practicing low-carbon life, advocate green consumption, consciously protect every plant and tree around you, do not litter, spit, litter, build or post disorderly graffiti, and develop a good living habit of being civilized and healthy, and cherishing the environment. Start from the family, beautify the courtyard, plant one more tree, plant one more pot of flowers, a variety of grass, save every drop of water, every degree of electricity, every piece of paper, to build our beautiful home with practical actions; Start from the work bit by bit, actively learn new technology, use new technology, innovation new mode, widely promote the application of energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving and practical new technology, with our hands to create a beautiful ecological environment.
Third, we should continue to pursue green development and contribute to building a beautiful Fuzhou

We must adhere to mutually promote traditional industries and emerging industries, depth fusion, keeping ecological function to ensure the safety of baseline, the environmental quality of the bottom line, the natural resources use online "three line", promote the revolution of energy production and consumption, strive to build the green industry, green manufacturing, circular economy and clean energy, low carbon economy, actively encourage and support the green technology innovation, promote transformation and upgrading of industries, and achieve economic benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit ascending simultaneously, to realize the earth green mountains and rivers, beautiful living environment, the rich people. Let the people share the beauty of nature, life and life in the clear waters and mountains, so that future generations will not only enjoy rich material wealth, but also be able to look at the stars, see the mountains and smell the flowers.

All kinds of workers in the city: blue sky and clear water, birds, flowers are our common longing; It is our common pursuit to protect the environment and protect our homeland. To promote ecological progress, action is more important than persistence. Gandong land, is our past, present and future common home. For the sake of our common home, let's join hands, start from me, start from every little thing, with our passion and dedication, with our hard work and sweat, let's make the sky bluer, the water clearer, the flowers redder, the leaves greener, the land cleaner, the home more beautiful, to build a beautiful Fuzhou, promote the green development to make their own positive contribution!


"Green Development and Beautiful Homeland" in Fuzhou city

Representatives of model workers attending themed activities

May 9, 2019

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