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Wish to celebrate the birthday, bless the motherland

Wish to celebrate the birthday, bless the motherland

Wish to celebrate the birthday, bless the motherland

2019-10-08 11:29

-- Zhongyang Construction Group Co., LTD. Celebrates the 70th birthday of the motherland


On the occasion of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China all over the country, the Construction Group has also taken a variety of ways to organize all employees to express their joy with loud songs and happy dances, and wish the prosperity of the great motherland together! Chen Enbin, member of the Provincial CPPCC, member of the chamber of Commerce directly under the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, executive vice President of Jiangxi Private Enterprise Investment Chamber of Commerce and President of the Group, also participated in a number of large-scale celebration performances organized by the province and city on behalf of the company, showing the unique style of Zhongyang Group.  




In jiangxi united front to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people and activities, President of CPPCC members, ZhongYang group Chen Enbin one form of the song of gan shang, enthusiasm to jiang right business group huge contribution to the glorious past and vivid interpretation of the unique charm of jiangxi business spirit and home country feelings, show the new age of jiangxi business struggle, become the backbone of the rise of jiangxi's mission.








Chen Enbin, executive vice President, enthusiastically took the lead in the TV promotional video "Chasing Dreams", which was shot by the Chamber of Commerce directly affiliated to Jiangxi Federation of Industry and Commerce and The Jiangxi Private Enterprise Investment Chamber. He presented a gift to the 70th anniversary of the motherland, wishing the great motherland prosperity and prosperity together!






At the construction site of Zhongyang Group project, President Chen Enbin led the staff to sing the song "Never Forget the Original heart". The staff used the song to express their heartfelt confession to the motherland, expressing their pride and pride in words.






The group also organizes the organization personnel to sing the song "I and my motherland", participates in the thousand people chorus performance held in the city administration center, sings to the motherland mother's love, appreciates the Party's care, cheers for the motherland, wishes the great motherland more peaceful, harmonious, rich brilliant!



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