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Zhongyang Construction Group innovates transformation green development to add impetus again

Zhongyang Construction Group innovates transformation green development to add impetus again

Zhongyang Construction Group innovates transformation green development to add impetus again

2019-10-11 11:48

-- Another cooperative project between process Engineering Institute of Cas and our company was signed




On October 8, 2019, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhang Suo jiang, professor, director, during the process of enterprise secretary of the party committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, cas holdings co., LTD., chairman of Wu Lebin line of nine people visit ZhongYang construction group co., LTD., further fieldwork ZhongYang group and the Chinese Academy of Sciences during the process of hard PVC foaming preparation technical cooperation project "enhancement" of progress, and collaboration "electrically induced color glass achievements transformation and industrialization" projects for further communication. Xiao Yi, vice chairman of jiangxi Provincial PEOPLE's Political Consultative Conference and Secretary of Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Zhang Hongxing, mayor of Fuzhou, met with the delegation and visited the exhibition hall of Zhongyang Group.




Zhang Suojiang and Wu Lebin accompanied by Xiao Yi, Zhang Hongxing and other leaders visited the exhibition hall of the group


XiaoYi said in the meeting, fuzhou, known as "township of the wit and culture of the state" reputation, hope to do more to the fuzhou cas leaders have a look, to fuzhou to carry out the investigation and study, more and more fuzhou to strengthen cooperation, fuzhou, create new town of science and technology innovation development for more insight, put more innovations in fuzhou to hatch transformation, promote industrial upgrading, transformation of kinetic energy, high quality leapfrog development build fuzhou's dream, fuzhou is a new era of a better future. As a leading private enterprise in Fuzhou, Zhongyang Construction Group has always attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation to promote enterprise transformation and upgrading and green development. The Fuzhou Municipal government will actively support the in-depth cooperation between cas And Zhongyang Construction Group, and provide all services for the cooperation between the two parties.  




Zhang Suojiang and his team investigated the production line of ZHONGyang Dexin PVC foaming material products


On the morning of October 9th, accompanied by Fuzhou Mayor Zhang Hongxing and Municipal Standing Committee Member Xiao Chenggui, President Zhang Suojiang and his party visited and inspected zhongyang Dexin PVC foaming product production line and the r&d and scale preparation of rigid PVC foaming technology project. Wu Jianhua, secretary of the Party Committee of Fuzhou High-tech Zone, and Gu Shenghe, director of the city's science and technology Bureau, also accompanied the inspection. Ji Yueqin, CEO of G2 Business Club and member of overseas Chinese Association of China, also attended the tour.




  Xiao Chenggui, member of the Standing Committee of Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee, presided over the discussion and delivered a speech


On the morning of October 9th, Xiao Chenggui, member of the Standing Committee of municipal Party Committee, presided over the project cooperation discussion and electrochromic glass project cooperation signing ceremony. Xiao Chenggui, on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, first of all expressed his welcome and heartfelt thanks to Zhang and his party for choosing Fuzhou and Zhongyang as the bases for the transformation and industrialization of scientific research achievements. He said that it is Zhang and the Process Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that these projects can be implemented in Fuzhou, which is a great support for Fuzhou. The Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government and the relevant departments must do a good job in providing services, implementing supportive policies, promoting early results of cooperation projects and realizing industrialization as soon as possible. At the same time, we also hope that Zhongyang Construction Group and CAS Process Institute will continue to strengthen communication and exchange, complement each other's advantages, carry out in-depth cooperation, contribute to the development of Fuzhou, and achieve win-win cooperation.




 Project cooperation forum and signing ceremony




Zhang Suojiang, academician, made a speech at the cooperative discussion and signing ceremony of the project


Zhang Suojiang delivered a speech at the symposium. He said he was very impressed by Fuzhou, a city of talents and culture. It is also building itself into a science and technology capital. Zhongyang Construction Group has strong strength, Chairman Chen is practical and sincere, and attaches great importance to the status and role of scientific and technological innovation in enterprise development. All these are important factors that CAS Process Institute is willing to choose Fuzhou and Zhongyang. Cas process with ZhongYang construction group cooperation by the two projects, has a broad market prospect, hope in fuzhou with the support from the municipal party committee and municipal government, and the enterprise joint efforts, to speed up the pace of project cooperation, promote project cooperation to achieve their goals as soon as possible, to make contribution to the development of fuzhou new material industrial transformation and upgrading. At the same time, we also hope to carry out cooperation with Fuzhou in more areas in the future to boost the high-quality development of local economy and society.



Group chairman Chen Shengde


Group chairman Chen Shengde introduces the development and transformation of innovation, the urgent needs of the development of green, said must not abandon Zhang Yuanshi and trust of the municipal party committee and the deep affection, to strengthen the docking of cooperation projects, promoting the transformation of research and development, strive to realize the grand goal of industrialization and win-win cooperation for the fuzhou economic and social development to make new greater contributions.




Dr. Wei-zhen Zhao from the Institute of Process Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences presented the research results of electrochromic glass project


During the discussion and exchange, Dr. Zhao Weizhen, associate researcher of the Institute of Process Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced the progress of the cooperation project on the strengthening preparation technology of rigid PVC foam, and presented and exchanged the research and development progress of the electrochromic glass project and the prospect of the industrialization of the results.






Zhang Kai, director of science and Technology Development Division of CAS And Chen Enbin, President of THE Group, respectively signed the contract on behalf of both parties


Cas institute of Processes was formerly the Institute of Chemical Metallurgy, Cas established in 1958, and was recognized as the base institute of high-tech Research and development by CAS. The research scope covers energy and chemical engineering, biochemical engineering, material and chemical engineering, resource and environmental engineering and other fields. Currently, there are four national R&D platforms and six provincial and ministerial r&d platforms.

Since last year, cas has launched several advanced high-tech projects in Fuzhou, including two in cooperation with Zhongyang Construction Group. This time, the achievement transformation of electrochromic glass developed by Zhang Zuojiang, an academician of the Institute of Process Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has once again joined hands with Zhongyang Construction Group, which is a great boost to the innovative transformation and green development of Zhongyang Construction Group.

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