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Targeted poverty alleviation as the vanguard, caring donations warm people's hearts

Targeted poverty alleviation as the vanguard, caring donations warm people's hearts

Targeted poverty alleviation as the vanguard, caring donations warm people's hearts

2019-11-16 13:59

 -- Zhongyang Construction Group donated 280,000 yuan to help Yanghu Village consolidate its achievements in poverty alleviation




The donation ceremony of Zhongyang Construction Group for targeted poverty alleviation was held in Yanghu Village, Xiaohuang Town, Dongxiang District, Fuzhou city, at 10 am on November 16. Yu Jianping, deputy director of Fuzhou City People's Congress, Yao Yinghua, director of Dongxiang District people's Congress, Chen Shengde, vice chairman of Jiangxi Federation of Industry and Commerce and chairman of Zhongyang Construction Group, Ai Shengqun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiaohuang Town, rao Dayi, deputy head of Dongxiang District, presided over. At the ceremony, Chairman Chen Shengde donated 280,000 RMB to Yanghu Village Committee to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation in Yanghu Village.



Yu Jianping, deputy director of fuzhou Municipal People's Congress, praised Chen Shengde's loving action in his speech. He pointed out that Mr. Chen Shengde has been engaged in business for more than 30 years. While leading the development of the enterprise, he has been actively involved in social welfare and charity, and has donated tens of millions of yuan. Mr. Chen Shengde is a very caring and responsible outstanding entrepreneur. He is the winner of the National Model Worker and the National "May 1st" Labor Medal. Today's act of righteousness fully demonstrates an excellent entrepreneur's mission and social responsibility. I believe that with the party central committee crucial for preferential policy support, out of poverty have dongxiang district party committee, the district government and small huang town party committee, government strengthen the leadership and overcome difficult, with the social from all walks of life, especially like ZhongYang construction group chairman Chen entrepreneurs actively help and support, small huang town village will be able to speed up the pace of poverty, the lake into the comprehensive well-off at an early date!




Director of Dongxiang District People's Congress Yao Yinghua expressed his gratitude to Zhongyang Construction Group and Mr. Chen Shengde in his speech.




Chairman Chen Shengde said in his speech, zhongyang Construction Group's development and achievements in recent years, thanks to a series of good policies made by the Party and the state, thanks to the strong support of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government, the Municipal Party Committee and the government, thanks to the concern and support of all sectors of society and love. So for a long time, ZhongYang construction group at the same time of constantly promoting enterprise development and progress, don't forget to beginner's mind, always keep in mind the enterprise bear the social responsibility and mission of, positive response of the party and the government "thousands of companies to help thousands of villages" call to action for poverty alleviation, accurately every year to come up with a certain amount of money to donate, los, relief of poverty alleviation, such as the social public welfare undertakings, let business group in the performance of social responsibilities, make more and more people can share the fruits of enterprise development. The donated funds will be used to strengthen the infrastructure construction in the village and help the villagers realize their dream of getting rich and moving towards a well-off life as soon as possible.




Fixed-point assistance is an important measure to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's idea of targeted poverty alleviation and "no one should be left behind to achieve a moderately prosperous society". It is zhongyang Group's social responsibility to participate in targeted poverty alleviation and contribute to the society. In the future, with the support of leaders at all levels and people from all walks of life, we will continue to make solid and single-minded efforts to expand and strengthen our enterprises, make more and better achievements in development, contribute our love and repay the society, and continue to do our best to contribute to targeted poverty alleviation and wealth alleviation.

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