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Donate money and love, help and help people out of poverty

Donate money and love, help and help people out of poverty

Donate money and love, help and help people out of poverty

2019-11-19 14:03

-- Zhongyang Construction Group donated 550,000 yuan to help Build a village entrepreneurship and employment center in Yangjiatian Village



On the morning of November 18, 2019, the donation ceremony of zhongyang Construction Group's designated poverty-stricken villages was held in the group's Meeting room in Nanchang. Jiangxi provincial bureau of retired veteran cadres, deputy director of Ms. Wang LuXi, deputy head of the county government, the President of the Red Cross Liu Jielan, provincial federation of industry and commerce vice-president, Chen Shengde ZhongYang construction group chairman, Chen Enbin President, secretary LuXi county township of Zhang Jia fang Xie Qiongdeng attend, provincial party committee office full-time deputy party secretary veteran cadres, the personnel director Hu Hui chair.




On the scene of the donation ceremony, President Chen Enbin, on behalf of Zhongyang Construction Group, donated 550,000 RMB to Yangjiatian Village, Zhangjiafang Township, Luxi County for the construction of entrepreneurship and employment center for villagers, helping farmers get rid of poverty and get rich.




Wang Haiyan, deputy director of the Provincial Party Committee veteran cadres Bureau, praised Chen Shengde's loving action in his speech. She points out that led Mr Chen Shengde ZhongYang construction group to carry forward the "thick DE work, an escapist world" spirit of new gan shang, yong bear the social responsibility, spent millions of yuan to donate, relief the poor, the respect such as precision poverty alleviation as actively, in 2018, ZhongYang construction group was awarded the "thousands of companies to help thousands of villages" in jiangxi province advanced private enterprise in precise action for poverty alleviation. This time zhongyang also makes a generous donation of 550,000 yuan for the construction of "Villagers' Entrepreneurship and Employment Center" in Yangjiatian Village, which reflects the great love and mission of Chairman Chen Shengde and Zhongyang Construction Group. Deputy Director Wang Haiyan also put forward specific requirements for the rational use of donated funds and project construction: first, the project funds should be integrated and used well to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the funds; Second, the project should be well constructed in accordance with regulations to ensure that the safety and quality of the project to achieve double first-class; Third, the role of the project should be demonstrated and brought into full play to ensure the realization of the goals of promoting entrepreneurs, villagers' employment and collective income.






Liu Jieran, deputy head of Luxi County and Chairman of the Red Cross, and Xie Qiong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhangjiafang township, Luxi County, respectively introduced the basic situation of Luxi County, Zhangjiafang Township and Yangjiatian Village, which were appointed for assistance, respectively in their speeches, and expressed their gratitude to Mr. Chen Shengde and Zhongyang Construction Group.




Chairman Chen Shengde pointed out in his speech that the development and achievements of Zhongyang Construction Group in recent years benefit from a series of good policies formulated by the Party and the state, benefit from the strong support of the provincial Party committee, provincial government, municipal Party Committee and benefit from the concern and support of all sectors of society. So, for a long time, ZhongYang construction group at the same time of constantly promoting enterprise development and progress, don't forget to beginner's mind, always keep in mind the enterprise bear the social responsibility and mission of, every year to come up with a certain amount of money to donate,, relief of poverty alleviation, such as the social public welfare undertakings, let business group in the performance of social responsibilities, make more and more people can share the fruits of enterprise development. By courtesy of the provincial bureau of retired veteran cadres of the love and support LuXi county government, county committee of the Red Cross, is able to and Zhang Jia lane township Yang tamura a designated recipients, this part of the donated money for the construction of "villagers employment entrepreneurship center", for more villagers employment, entrepreneurship are rich rush up platform, help the villagers up a rich dream can be realized at an early time.




Fixed-point assistance is an important measure to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's idea of targeted poverty alleviation and "no one should be left behind to achieve a moderately prosperous society". It is zhongyang Group's social responsibility to participate in targeted poverty alleviation and contribute to the society. Zhongyang Group will actively respond to the call for targeted poverty alleviation, implement the initiative of "Thousands of enterprises help thousands of villages" targeted poverty alleviation action, have the courage to assume social responsibility, join the team of poverty alleviation, and help Yang Jiatian Village with practical actions. We will take concrete actions in the new era to listen to and follow the Party's instructions to develop and expand our own enterprises, and create a favorable atmosphere of kindness and mutual assistance for the people of our society.






At the donation ceremony, Liu Jieran, deputy head of Luxi County and President of the Red Cross, and Xie Qiong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhangjiafang township presented the donation certificate and the memorial cup to Zhongyang Construction Group respectively.

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