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Yihuang workers have a new "home" - Chen Shengde chairman of the speech congratulations

Yihuang workers have a new "home" - Chen Shengde chairman of the speech congratulations

Yihuang workers have a new "home" - Chen Shengde chairman of the speech congratulations

2019-11-30 14:15

On November 29th, yihuang County model workers Association was established and the first general meeting was held in Yihuang International Hotel. Yan Jianping, deputy secretary of Yihuang County Party Committee, Wang Yonghe, deputy chairman of the county CPPCC, secretary and chairman of the county federation of Trade Unions, Yang Zhiwu, secretary general of Fuzhou Model Workers association, some county federation of trade unions leaders to congratulate, from all the various fronts of the county 70 provincial, city and county workers attended the "home" founding conference.




National May 1st Labor Medal winner, Vice chairman of Jiangxi Federation of Industry and Commerce, President of Fuzhou Model Workers Association, chairman of Zhongyang Construction Group Comrade Chen Shengde delivered a congratulatory speech to the conference, on behalf of the City Model workers Association to express warm congratulations to the establishment conference of Yihuang County Model Workers Association! I would like to extend my cordial greetings to representatives of model workers and model workers of the city.




Chen Shengde, President of Yihuang County, hopes that the association of model workers can give full play to its role in contacting, promoting, serving and organizing model workers. Guide model workers to cherish the honor and maintain the advanced nature of model workers; Give full play to the wisdom and wisdom of model workers, so that model workers in yihuang this red land to make new achievements, create glory.

President Chen Shengde pointed out in his speech that the establishment of model workers association is not only an important way to unite and mobilize advanced model workers to better play a leading role under the new situation, but also an inevitable requirement to promote the development of the service and management of model workers in the whole county. He put forward three requirements to the model workers association: first, pay attention to the model workers play a leading role; Second, to perform the duty of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of model workers according to law; Third, we should continue to explore and innovate the management of model workers. The model workers' association shall be established as an advanced mass organization to contact model workers extensively, enhance their exchanges and give full play to their role. At the same time, it is hoped that the model workers will continue to carry forward the spirit of model workers and the spirit of craftsman, strive to be the pioneer of The Times, and make new contributions to creating the "four Yihuang" and promoting the high-quality economic development of Yihuang.




President Chen Shengde stressed that model workers association should organize model workers to take different ways to carry out learning exchanges and training, and constantly improve their own quality, so as to make the association a "learning home" for model workers; We should establish and perfect the files of model workers, grasp and understand the trends of model workers in a timely manner, and make the association a "management home" for model workers. We should do a good job in providing various services to model workers, establish a condolatory mechanism and a support mechanism for difficulties, and make model workers' association a "warm, happy and happy home" for model workers in the whole county.

At the meeting, the Constitution of Model Workers Association of Yihuang County and the Financial Management Measures of Model Workers Association of Yihuang County were deliberated and adopted, and the directors of the first board of directors, supervisors of the Board of supervisors, the President, the vice President and the secretary general were elected.

At the meeting, Mr. Li Hui, the newly elected President of the first session of The Model Workers association of Yihuang County, said that he would try his best to fulfill his duties and obligations and make joint efforts with all comrades of the association to build the model Workers Association into a real "home for model workers".

At present, There are 90 model workers above the county level in Yihuang County, among which 9 are over 80 years old, 9 are working and living outside Yihuang, and 72 are voluntarily applying for joining the county model workers Association. Join a model group members to have a new "home" feel joy and proud, said "the family" to unite, continue to carry forward the "wuxi, first-class, the arduous struggle, innovation, indifferent to fame and wealth, dedicated" spirit of labor model, don't forget the beginner's mind set off again, keep in mind that the mission set new, for the new "home".

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