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Craftsmanship to build high-quality works, Zhongyang then ascended luban gold list

Craftsmanship to build high-quality works, Zhongyang then ascended luban gold list

Craftsmanship to build high-quality works, Zhongyang then ascended luban gold list

2019-12-11 14:18

-- The Zhongyang Plaza Project won the "Luban Award", the highest quality award in China's construction project.






On December 10, 2019, the Science and Technology Innovation of construction industry and the 2018-2019 China Construction Engineering Luban Award (National Quality Engineering) commendation Conference was held in Beijing Convention Center. The Zhongyang Plaza project in Fuzhou, undertaken by Zhongyang Construction Group, won the award. Mr. Chen Shengde, vice chairman of Jiangxi Federation of Industry and Commerce and chairman of Zhongyang Construction Group, was invited to attend the meeting and accepted the "Luban Gold statue", MEDALS and certificates. This is the second time that Zhongyang Construction Group won the Luban Award in 2015 after Nanchang Hongdu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (the first phase of the new hospital), the peak of construction project quality in China, at the same time, it also achieved the breakthrough of The Luban Award in local construction projects of Fuzhou construction enterprises, and set a new benchmark for Fuzhou construction industry.






Zhongyang Plaza project is located in the economic center of Fuzhou headquarters, close to the administrative center of Fuzhou city, and adjacent to the 4A-level scenic spot -- Celebrity Culture Park. It consists of two high-end commercial office buildings and one high-end commercial building, with the most perfect public service facilities in Fuzhou. With a total floor area of over 90,000 square meters, the project was completed and delivered on May 16, 2018. During the project construction, 13 sub-items of 10 new technologies in the construction industry were popularized and applied, 5 new technologies were improved, and 2 innovative technologies were created. Project has won the demonstrative project of building structure in jiangxi province, jiangxi province high quality construction azaleas award (the construction engineering quality highest award) in jiangxi province, jiangxi province construction of new technology application demonstration projects, the construction safety production standardization demonstration sites in jiangxi province, the national green building construction and green construction demonstration project and so on many honors.






Since the project was put into use, the system functions normally and operates well, and is generally praised by the owner and all sectors of society. After nearly a year of use, its people-oriented design, reasonable functional layout, advanced service concept, public management attributes and the characteristics of scientific research and innovation of the architectural style, has been highly praised by all sectors of society, has become fuzhou city has a distinctive landmark building.

In the process of establishing the Luban Award project, Zhongyang Construction Group makes every effort to pay close attention to process management, quality control and safety guarantee, and carefully designs, constructs and controls precisely to ensure that each link of the project meets the requirements of the Luban Award index. After the strict review and on-site review by the experts of luban Award evaluation and acceptance, with excellent construction quality and exquisite construction technology, all the way through, has been fully recognized by users and experts, wish to be on the Gold list of Luban again.




After the completion of the review, luban Prize on-site review experts spoke highly of zhongyang Square Project and pointed out that zhongyang Square project has seven characteristics and highlights: first, the overall architectural form is elegant, neat and clean, complete with automation and intelligence, providing users with a high-quality office environment; Second, the structure is safe and reliable, both the pile foundation and the main body meet or exceed the national standard, especially the pile foundation, the first class pile reaches 100%, which is very rare; More than 10,000 square meters of basement, the longest side up to 187 meters, the wall and the ground basically did not crack, leakage; Third, the exterior wall is very comfortable, the design and construction is very fine; Fourth, the interior is simple and unadorned, with artisan spirit to create the details of the node, reflecting the characteristics of fine grain; Fifth, energy conservation and environmental protection, all using new building materials, plastic instead of wood, plastic instead of steel, material saving effect is very obvious; Sixth, the installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, including pipes, has been carefully planned, with reasonable layout, neat arrangement, accurate direction and clear identification; Seventh, it has won many awards, including the highest award of quality project in Jiangxi Province -- azalea Award and the national construction industry green construction and green construction demonstration project, which have been unanimously praised by the construction, design, supervision, use units and supervision departments, and they are all very satisfied.




Chairman Chen Shengde said that the Luban Award is the highest honorable award of construction project quality in China and the highest honor that the builders have been dreaming of. ZhongYang square project access to luban prize, thanks to fuzhou municipal party committee municipal government attention and concern, thanks to support the department in charge of provincial and municipal construction, thanks to careful organization and fine construction projects, profit Yu Quansi and actively cooperate with and unremitting efforts, thanks to China's JianXie, provincial JianXie expert guidance and help, ZhongYang people will always remember this. As a new starting point, we will continue to carry forward the "hard, strive for perfection, the pursuit of excellence, innovation" the spirit of ruban, don't forget to beginner's mind, keep in mind the mission, with more high-quality engineering and enterprise development, better return on society, the benefit of township catalpa, in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to make due contributions to the Chinese dream.

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