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Chen Shengde, chairman of the group, went to Africa for investigation and research, and made solid progress in overseas projects

Chen Shengde, chairman of the group, went to Africa for investigation and research, and made solid progress in overseas projects

Chen Shengde, chairman of the group, went to Africa for investigation and research, and made solid progress in overseas projects

2020-02-03 14:24

In order to promote the construction and development of overseas projects of Zhongyang Construction Group, Chairman Chen Shengde went to Africa for more than a week's investigation and research before the Spring Festival.




Chairman Chen Shengde first went to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and signed a contract with the owner unit for the office building project of the Headquarters of the Transportation Bureau. This project is another large project won by Zhongyang Construction Group in Ethiopia after the grain depot project of National Food Reserve Administration in Ethiopia, and will start construction in the near future, when the Ethiopian Prime Minister will attend the commencement ceremony. Chen Shengde, chairman of the board, made an important deployment for the construction of the project. He pointed out that Zhongyang Construction Group has a glorious mission to go global and has a long way to go. It should be pioneering, innovative, solid work and try its best to improve the group's international management ability.




Chairman Chen Shengde also organized on-site office meetings with the staff of The Ethiopian branch, coordinated and solved the problems existing in the construction of various projects and the operation of the company, and effectively promoted the healthy development of the work of the Ethiopian branch.






During his visit to Ethiopia, Chairman Chen Shengde also found time to visit the lonely elderly in KAMSD Nursing Home in Ethiopia and sent 300,000 bill of condolence. Chen Shengde, chairman of the board, said, "What we do in business is not only to do a good job, but also to give back as much as possible to those we are able to help. I hope all the old people in the world will be well fed and have a happy old age!"




Afterwards, Chairman Chen Shengde went to the Zambian branch of the Group to learn about the working and living conditions of the employees, spent the Spring Festival with the group's expatriate employees and local African workers, and offered New Year wishes and greetings to the employees.








Zhongyang (Zambia) Ecological Agriculture Industrial Park is one of the overseas key projects that Chairman Chen Shengde has been paying close attention to. It is also a project that both Chinese and Zambian governments attach great importance to. When seeing the farm's soybeans, corn and other crops grow well, Chairman Chen Shengde smiled with relief.






Chairman Chen Shengde also went deep into the production line and communicated with the staff, understood in detail the procurement of superior varieties, grain storage and product sales, and conducted research, discussion and deployment on the problems existing in the production and operation. At the same time, Chairman Chen Shengde stressed the need to strengthen the safety management work, to ensure the safety of life and property of employees to achieve a double harvest.




Zhongyang construction group will continue to actively respond to the national "One Belt And One Road" initiative, deeply cultivate the "One Belt And One Road" market, devote itself to the development of overseas business platform of zhongyang, steadily and effectively promote the development of overseas markets, and strive to achieve high-quality development in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.



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