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Do solid prevention and control, actively welcome the resumption of work!

Do solid prevention and control, actively welcome the resumption of work!

Do solid prevention and control, actively welcome the resumption of work!

2020-02-17 14:42

People often spring to early, endeavour is at that time. Recently, Zhongyang Construction Group and its subsidiaries and the project department under construction have closely built the "epidemic prevention wall", actively responding to the impact of the epidemic, and scientifically preparing for the resumption of work. Talk about resuming work, everyone will have some worry, but when zhongyang people see the detailed "Zhongyang Construction Group office Epidemic prevention Guide", see those colleagues who do a good job of epidemic prevention work, we feel a more practical and at ease, more moved and overcome the confidence of the epidemic.

In fact, after the outbreak, ZhongYang construction group set up the first time the epidemic leading group, the comprehensive deployment group and epidemic prevention work, not only fully MoZha employees holiday travel, physical condition, to remind all staff do a good job in self protection, and family care for HuBeiJi employees sympathy, also an emergency procurement staff work protective equipment and supplies to extend the holiday at the same time, take a partial return to work for peak commuting and online combining the flexible way to work.




 First pass: public area elimination, ensure safe office


  Office, conference room, canteen... 360° Disinfection of public areas and strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control. At present, the group conducts comprehensive and meticulous disinfection and cleaning of public areas every day, and focuses on disinfection of key public areas such as elevators, door handles, facility keys and stairways for several times. Moreover, disinfection MATS are placed at the entrance of office areas to strictly prevent the invasion of germs and eliminate potential infection.
















 The second step: check the temperature strictly, health first


 The office area adopts closed management to strictly control personnel access. The guard of the group is equipped with a temperature gun, and the staff wearing protective clothing strictly follow the epidemic prevention guidelines for the temperature measurement and questioning of employees entering the office area. All staff wear masks on duty, and take temperature measurement and record at work to ensure the safety of staff on duty.






  In addition, the office area is divided in detail. All employees go to and from work in the designated area to minimize staff gathering.


Third: eat alone, strengthen self - protection


  All areas of the restaurant shall be thoroughly disinfected, and the body temperature of the kitchen staff shall be uniformly measured before working. The practice of staff eating at the wrong time to reduce the number of staff eating at the same time; The restaurant offers boxed meals, and employees are instructed not to sit or talk to each other during meals.




  Fourth, project management, scientific and orderly


When the group project Management Center deployed the prevention and control work of the project resumption, in order to create a clean and safe environment for the project resumption personnel, the people left behind in the project regularly cleaned and disinfected the office and living space to ensure "no dead space". Companies in strict accordance with the requirements of, to all project personnel (including assistant and temporary workers) is MoPai and temperature continuous monitoring, especially one-to-one group focus on five kinds of personnel management, determine the one-to-one, daily to voice, text, video, etc way understand management object, timely report the information, and establish the personnel control information parameter, make sure to do "complete". According to the company's approval mechanism for the resumption of work of projects under construction, actively do a good job of the epidemic prevention and control plan for the resumption of work, and submit it to the group company for review. At the same time, the epidemic detection situation of the day should be reported to the Prevention and control office of the Group before 5 p.m. every day to ensure "no delay".






 Fifth: warm heart care, staff thumb up


In the face of the fierce epidemic, the group not only makes all-round control, but also warmly prepares two masks and one bag of xia Sangju granules for each employee every day, truly putting employees' health in the first place. Colleagues have said that the mood is very upset when returning to work, but after work, found that the company has already taken such intimate, comprehensive epidemic prevention measures, they feel at ease a lot. In particular, personnel access, must have a work card, access card and personnel report, for the group's epidemic prevention work praise!



Although the current situation of the epidemic is still severe, zhongyang people firmly believe that the winter will pass and the warm spring will come. In this special period of fighting against the epidemic, the people of Zhongyang, with awe, have worked hard to prevent the epidemic and have a sense of responsibility for themselves and the society. At the same time, they are more confident to overcome the epidemic and strive to create a better future.




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