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Wu Changping, deputy director of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Construction, inspects Zhongyang Dexin formwork production line

Wu Changping, deputy director of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Construction, inspects Zhongyang Dexin formwork production line

Wu Changping, deputy director of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Construction, inspects Zhongyang Dexin formwork production line

2013-09-27 18:11



Today, hold the whole province to promote the new "building composite plastic template" field meeting, the main task is to carry out the provincial party committee's main leadership of the spirit of instruction, the implementation of Director Chen Ping's instruction requirements, promote the application of building composite plastic template. Today's meeting is an important meeting to gather the strength of the provincial construction system, change the image, transform the development mode, promote the progress of building science and technology, promote the structure adjustment and promote the transformation and development of the building industry.

Just now, Vice Mayor Huang Sai Rong briefed you on the situation in Fuzhou. In recent years, The Municipal Party Committee and municipal government of Fuzhou have attached great importance to and made every effort to promote the transformation and upgrading development of the construction industry. It is in this context that zhongyang Group's "composite plastic template for buildings" was born. This product and technology has demonstrative effect in the whole country and is in the leading position in the province.

We visited the construction site of "building composite plastic template" and watched the feature film. Fuzhou city construction bureau, Zhongyang Group company introduced the relevant situation, we have a direct understanding of this new building material. According to the application of our office, the new technology product of "new composite plastic building template" has been listed in the national Construction Industry Science and Technology Promotion Project in 2012 by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Our office has included this template in the key promotion of new technology, new product catalog. The product conforms to the requirements of circular economy and sustainable development, and has great potential for application and space in future engineering construction. With the advancement of national scientific and technological innovation and structural adjustment, it has become a new trend to replace wood and steel with plastic for building formwork. The state will further strengthen guidance and guidance for such products and vigorously promote and apply them through the market. Competent construction departments at all levels and construction enterprises should make good preparations from now on, take active actions, learn from fuzhou Construction Bureau's innovative ways and perfect measures to support construction enterprises to become bigger and stronger. Learn from zhongyang Group's experience in promoting transformation and upgrading by relying on new product research and development, and actively promote the use of building composite plastic templates in the areas under its control and contracted projects. Let me make three comments:

Step up demonstration, guidance and promotion

Our office will continue to strengthen the promotion and application of new technologies, new materials and new products, including "building composite plastic template", in the provincial construction industry with this on-site meeting as the symbol. The administrative departments of construction of each districted city should actively guide the demonstration and promotion of the application project of "building composite plastic template", and actively guide counties and cities to promote the pilot projects and promote the continuous improvement of the technical system. Each city divided into districts shall, in light of the actual development of the local construction industry, study and formulate the work plan for promoting the "building composite plastic template", determine the local demonstration projects, establish relevant support and incentive policies, and practically increase the intensity of the promotion and application of this product and technology. The construction enterprises participating in the conference are the leading forces in the development of the construction industry in the province. They should play a leading role in the promotion and application of new materials, new technologies and new products, and actively promote and apply "building composite plastic template" in the construction projects contracted by them as soon as possible.

Second, we will promptly improve the technology policy system

The relevant offices and departments of the office shall, according to their respective responsibilities, coordinate to solve the problems related to the promotion and application of "building composite plastic template", and improve the support, incentive and guarantee mechanism for the promotion and application. Investigation and Design and Standard Quota Office shall take the lead in the promotion and application of "building composite plastic Template", and formulate and promulgate the work plan on the industry standard, actively strive for the strong support of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and accelerate the pace of compiling the national industry standard "Construction Composite Plastic Template Engineering Technical Regulations"; The Department of Building Energy Conservation and Science and Technology shall actively cooperate with the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in implementing the "2012 National Construction Industry Science and Technology Promotion Project", and promptly handle the relevant procedures for the promotion of new products of "building composite plastic Template". The Building supervision Office should actively guide and coordinate the promotion and application of "building composite plastic template" in provincial construction enterprises, and do a good job in the relevant work of construction method and new technology application demonstration project; Provincial construction engineering cost bureau to "building composite plastic template" quota subproject to calculate, and strive to put forward a review draft at the end of October; The provincial construction project safety and quality supervision bureau should combine with the actual supervision to support the promotion of new technologies and new materials. In the next step, the project evaluation and evaluation and demonstration project of new technology application carried out by our office shall give priority to those who have achieved better quality and economic benefits by using "building composite plastic template".

Third, strengthen communication and coordination, publicity and promotion

Relevant departments, units and competent departments of districting cities, relevant industry associations, associations, zhongyang Group and other key enterprises should improve the information communication and work coordination mechanism for the promotion and application of "building composite plastic template", and timely coordinate to solve relevant problems. Departments at all levels should strengthen the popularization and application of the new technology of propaganda, especially should pay attention to the propaganda on "building composite plastic template" new material, new technology in promoting circular economy, resource saving, green building materials and construction quality level, and promote the industry transformation and upgrading, improve the economic and social benefits of significance, in the society, especially in the research and development of construction enterprises to form positive promotion of new technology, new material, new products of thick atmosphere, promote the province's construction industry energy conservation and emissions reduction and resource recycling.

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