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Wu Lebin, chairman of China National Science Holding, visited Zhongyang Group for investigation

Wu Lebin, chairman of China National Science Holding, visited Zhongyang Group for investigation

Wu Lebin, chairman of China National Science Holding, visited Zhongyang Group for investigation

2019-08-15 09:46

  On August 13, Wu Lebin, secretary of the Enterprise Party Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chairman of SINosu Holding Co., Ltd. visited Zhongyang Group to investigate and investigate the promotion of cooperative RESEARCH, development and industrialization of new plastic foaming materials of Sinosu Health Jiangxi Research Institute and Process Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in cooperation with Zhongyang Group. The purpose is to continue to deepen the communication and cooperation with Fuzhou city, and promote the industrial project cooperation between Guoke Health, Fuzhou city and Zhongyang Group.




  Duan An, chairman of Guoke Health Holding Co., LTD and GuOKE Jiangxi Co., LTD, Duan Qu, EXECUTIVE President of Guoke Health Holding (Jiangxi) Co., LTD, Guo Lang, assistant President of Guoke Health Holding, Zhang Lingyu, chief financial officer of Guoke Health Holding Co., LTD, and Zhao Yang, senior manager of General management Department of Guoke Health Holding Co., LTD accompanied the research. Entrusted by Xiao Yi, Secretary of CPC Hefei Municipal Committee, Municipal Standing Committee Member Tan Xiaoping, Municipal Standing Committee member Xiao Chenggui, Municipal Standing Committee member and Vice Mayor Zhang Peng, High-tech Zone Party Committee Secretary Wu Jianhua, Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology Director Gu Shenghe and other leaders met with the delegation and accompanied them on the visit. Chen Shengde, chairman of Zhongyang Group, Chen Yuande, special adviser to the chairman, Wu Yiqiang, Zhao Jiaren, General manager zhou Jiahua, etc.




  Wu lebin and his delegation visited the headquarters of Zhongyang Group, Dexin Industrial Park and the Jiangxi Research Institute project of Guoke Health Holding. Wu affirmed the development of Zhongyang Group, and hoped to continue to strengthen technology research and development, deepen the healthy cooperation with SCUT, and promote the rapid upgrading and development of the industry.




  Chairman Chen Shengde extended a warm welcome to Chairman Wu Lebin and his party as well as the leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and government. ZhongYang group, he said, the cooperation with the national science health, is the important measure of transformation and upgrading, ZhongYang group aims to use fuzhou geographical advantage, the healthy life science and technology industrial advantage, fuzhou ZhongYang group and the strength of the government's business environment, the power-and-power union, under the support of the municipal party committee, to realize the goal of cooperation as soon as possible, contributing to the high quality of fuzhou economy development.



  In the evening, Xiao Yi, vice chairman of jiangxi Provincial COMMITTEE of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Secretary of Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee, who just finished foreign affairs activities, went to Dexin Science and Technology Park specially to meet with Chairman Wu Lebin and his party. Secretary Xiao Yi welcomed The arrival of Chairman Wu Lebin and his delegation, and expressed his gratitude for the long-term support and concern of SINosu Holdings for the economic and social development of Fuzhou. He hopes that SDIC will continue to strengthen its in-depth cooperation with Fuzhou, promote industrial upgrading and kinetic energy conversion in Fuzhou, so that more high-quality projects can take root here and blossom and bear fruit, and effectively facilitate the leap-forward development of High-quality projects in Fuzhou.



  Wu Lebin thank chairman xiao and fuzhou, secretary of municipal party committee municipal government support for the national science health cooperation projects and help, strongly agrees with the implementation of the municipal party committee's "big data, health, the new material" two freshman new industries of strategic layout, said cas holdings will continue to support the family health in fuzhou the implementation of cooperation projects, and hope to give more support and help of the municipal party committee.

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