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Group Chairman Chen Shengde Attended and Spoke at Fuzhou Trade Union’s Video Conference about "Bravely Striving for the Position and Building a New Era " " Labour Day Celebration"

        As the International Labor Day approaches, Fuzhou trade union held a video conference about "Bravely Striving for the Position and Building a New Era " " Labour Day Celebration" on April 29 to further promote the workers’ great character, condense the whole city’s mighty power in building a well-off society in an all-round way, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Wang Hongan, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, attended the event and delivered a speech. Jiang Yulan, deputy director of the standing committee of the municipal people's congress, first-level inspector, secretary of the municipal federation of trade unions, chairman of the party group, attended the event and presided over the conference.              Nearly 50 people, including city labor model, staff representatives, some chairmen of municipal trade unions, chairmen resident in Fuzhou industrial trade unions and cadres attended the activities in the main meeting place, and the county and district trade union cadres, model workers and chairmen of non-public enterprises attended the activities in the sub-meeting place. Chen Shengde, winner of the National May 1st medal, president of Fuzhou model workers and chairman of Zhongyang Construction Group, was invited to attend the meeting.   Deputy Party Secretary Wang Hongan Spoke at the conference           Entrusted by party secretary Xiao Yi and mayor Zhang Hongxing, and on behalf of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, deputy party secretary Wang Hongan paid high tribute to those cadres, staff and workers who actively participate in the front-line prevention and control of the epidemic, resumption of work, production and reconstruction, and delivered sincere greetings and holiday wishes to the city's broad staff and labors and trade union workers.             Wang stressed that the whole city workers should build up a strong historical sense of responsibility and sense of mission, growing awareness in face of the new situation and new tasks. We shall encourage ourselves with model workers spirit, forge ahead with determination, and work hard so as to create new achievements in our endeavor to build a moderately prosperous new Fuzhou in all respects and in the practice of high-quality development.    Jiang Yulan, deputy director of the standing committee of the municipal people's congress, first-level inspector, secretary of the municipal federation of trade unions, chairman of the party group presided over the conference           National May Day medal winner, chairman of zhongyang construction group Chen shengde said in his speech, zhongyang group in the process of development, always do not forget to play the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor, the spirit of the artisan spirit of encouragement, guidance and demonstration role, to promote the enterprise actively innovative development; Always bear in mind the social responsibility of enterprises, and practice social responsibility with practical actions. In the COVID - 19 outbreak, ZhongYang group open channel warm love, raise disease resistant materials, security prevention and control of outbreak, has donated 1 million yuan to hubei province Red Cross, donated 2 million yuan to the fuzhou city Red Cross society, donated more than million for overseas outbreak, and build the fuzhou version "fire mountain" project, to win the war contributed shall have the power of prevention and control of epidemic.   Chen Shengde, winner of the National May 1st medal, president of Fuzhou model workers and chairman of Zhongyang Construction Group spoke at the conference           Chairman Chen Shengde said that we will unite more closely around the party central committee with comrade Xi as the core in the future, listen to the party, follow the party, appreciate the party, and resolutely implement the policy decisions under the central, provincial party committee, municipal party committee. We will work hard with unremitting efforts and struggle to overcome difficulties to make new greater contributions to the victory of epidemic control and Fuzhou economic and social development.          During the meeting, the province model, China telecom of Fuzhou branch VIP security class monitor Zong Qiang, outstanding staff representative, Li Ming, nurse in aid of Hubei from the first people's hospital also made a report and speech.  
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Accelerate Project Construction and Advance the resumption of work and production

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        Go all out, gear up for work resumption! Zhongyang Construction Group's major projects both at home and abroad have set off a climax of work resumption. From the Anhui Langxi Yangtze River Delta Regional Development Research and Training Center Project to the Fuzhou New District Home Urban Renovation and Housing Construction Project, Rushui Home Construction Project, Fuzhou High-tech Data Center Construction Project, and then the Ethiopian Transport Building Project, Zhongyang sounded the horn of a new round of major project construction   Commencement Ceremony of Langxi Yangtze River Delta Regional Development Research and Training Center Project in Xuancheng, Anhui Province                 On April 28, 2020, at 9:58, Anhui Xuancheng Langxi Yangtze River Delta Regional Development Research and Training Center Project constructed by ZhongYang Construction Group held the opening ceremony. Xuancheng municipal party committee party executive vice president, four major leaders of LangXi county, comrades in charge of all departments and township party schools in Langxi County, and group vice president Yu Guotai attended the opening ceremony.         The project is a key project in Langxi county, covering an area of 37,952.43 square meters with a total cost of about 100 million yuan. The project adopts and promotes new technology, new materials and new equipment to realize scientific management. It is also a project of high standard planning and high starting point construction for the county party committee and government of Langxi county to introduce high-end and urgently need talents.     Fuzhou New District Home Urban Shantytown Reconstruction and Resettlement Houses Construction Project                 Fuzhou New District Home Urban Shantytown Reconstruction and Resettlement Houses Construction Project covers an area of 157313 square meters with a total cost 403.8629 million yuan. It is located in the south of Gandong avenue, west of Jinni avenue, north of second planning road, east of fifth planning road. At present, the return rate of workers reaches 100%, and the return productivity amounts 100%.         Group is sparing no efforts to catch the project progress while well prepared for the epidemic prevention and control. And it has made a breakthrough and becoming the epitome of the construction boom in Fuzhou city.     Fuzhou Rushui Home Construction Project           Fuzhou Rushui Home Construction Project covers a total construction area of 64767.5 square meters, with a total construction cost of 253,718,800 yuan. It is located in the west side of Rushui avenue, the north side of the municipal party school and the south side of Zhongling avenue. At present, more than 100 managers and staff have all returned to work, the work productivity reaches 100%.         Currently, workers in the construction site is busy, and the main structure construction is in full swing, many vehicles are transporting materials to the site.  Project manager said that the company's mission at this stage is to make reasonable schedule and strive to save time delayed by the epidemic on the premise of quality and quantity.     Fuzhou High-tech Data Center Construction Project            Fuzhou High-tech Data Center Construction Project is located in the south of Weisi road, north of Weiwu road, west of Wenchang road, east of Senghong science and technology park. The construction plan to cover an area of 126500 square meters, with a total construction area of 240000 square meters. It can accommodate 500000 servers, and it is the focus of Fuzhou high-tech  enterprise base, aiming to be the advanced core node data center of Jiangxi province and even the national wide.          Since the returning of work, the project has progressed to masonry engineering construction stage with elaborate organization and scientific construction on the basis of normal epidemic prevention and control. The project has raised a hot wave and flourished in an all-round way, and greatly contributed to promotion of urban quality, optimization the urban functions, and acceleration of beautiful Fuzhou construction.          The completion of this project will greatly enhance the competitiveness of high-tech industry in Fuzhou city, and form a good atmosphere of technological talents' innovation and entrepreneurship, provide technical support for the development of digital economy in the province. It will promote the development of local economy, and improve the level and quality of education, scientific research in the city.     Ethiopia Addis Ababa Transport Building Construction Project           The transportation bureau headquarters office building in Ethiopia, Addis ababa is a project invested by Ethiopia government, it is located in Ethiopia's capital Addis ababa Yeka vice city. The building area is about 50000 square meters, with a total contract amount of about $42 million. After the completion, the
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Leaders of Provincial Department of Commerce Visited Zhongyang Construction Group for the Resumption of Work and Production

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        On March 26, the deputy director of provincial department of commerce, Fang Xiangjun and his delegation visited Zhongyang Construction Group Co., Ltd. to investigate the resumption of work and production as well as the prevention and control of the epidemic situation. Xu Dunpeng, manager of Jiangxi branch of China Export&Credit Insurance Corporation, Pang Shuqin, vice governor of export-import bank of China, Jiangxi branch, Wang Jian, director of the department of foreign investment and economic cooperation of the provincial department of commerce, Wang Guohua, project insurance director of Jiangxi branch of China Export&Credit Insurance Corporation,and Guo Lei, director of the second branch of the export-import bank of China in Jiangxi province, participated in the investigation, accompanied by group chairman Chen Shengde, vice president Zhu Min and principals of project management and overseas projects.              Group chairman, Chen Shengde introduced the specific situation of the company’s work progress since the resumption of production to research group.  Zhongyang earnestly carries out the work requirements of the central committee, the provincial party committee and the relevant regulatory departments, while focusing on epidemic prevention and control, we also work on business development at the same time to ensure the smooth progress. At present, 72 projects that under construction in and outside the province have basically resumed to work with a rate of over 95%, including projects in Hubei province, Meanwhile, in order to alleviate the shortage of epidemic prevention materials during the epidemic, the group also invested in the production of disposable surgical masks, wireless electronic thermometer, and it will launch on the market in the near future.              Deputy director of provincial department of commerce, Fang Xiangjun appraised Zhongyang’s action in donating three million yuan to fight against the epidemic and participating in the construction of Fuzhou Huoshenshan hospital, and thought highly of Zhongyang's resumption of work and production as well as the contracting business both in domestic and overseas. He pointed out that while ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic, enterprises should also accelerate the comprehensive resumption of work and production. Especially, enterprises should make good use of it’s actual situation and the demand of countries along the "the Belt and Road Initiative" to push the enterprises development to a new level.             Chairman Chen Shengde expressed appreciation to the provincial leaders for their care towards Zhongyang, and said that we would continue to strengthen responsibility, overcome difficulties, ensure the production and operation, and make every effort to promote the resumption of production both in speed and quality. We have always been firm to grasp the opportunities, make good preparations in transformation and upgrading, stimulate the vitality and drive of enterprise development, and make greater contribution to the victory of epidemic prevention and control as well as economic and social development in our province.  
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Do solid prevention and control, actively welcome the resumption of work!

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People often spring to early, endeavour is at that time. Recently, Zhongyang Construction Group and its subsidiaries and the project department under construction have closely built the "epidemic prevention wall", actively responding to the impact of the epidemic, and scientifically preparing for the resumption of work. Talk about resuming work, everyone will have some worry, but when zhongyang people see the detailed "Zhongyang Construction Group office Epidemic prevention Guide", see those colleagues who do a good job of epidemic prevention work, we feel a more practical and at ease, more moved and overcome the confidence of the epidemic. In fact, after the outbreak, ZhongYang construction group set up the first time the epidemic leading group, the comprehensive deployment group and epidemic prevention work, not only fully MoZha employees holiday travel, physical condition, to remind all staff do a good job in self protection, and family care for HuBeiJi employees sympathy, also an emergency procurement staff work protective equipment and supplies to extend the holiday at the same time, take a partial return to work for peak commuting and online combining the flexible way to work.      First pass: public area elimination, ensure safe office     Office, conference room, canteen... 360° Disinfection of public areas and strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control. At present, the group conducts comprehensive and meticulous disinfection and cleaning of public areas every day, and focuses on disinfection of key public areas such as elevators, door handles, facility keys and stairways for several times. Moreover, disinfection MATS are placed at the entrance of office areas to strictly prevent the invasion of germs and eliminate potential infection.                  The second step: check the temperature strictly, health first    The office area adopts closed management to strictly control personnel access. The guard of the group is equipped with a temperature gun, and the staff wearing protective clothing strictly follow the epidemic prevention guidelines for the temperature measurement and questioning of employees entering the office area. All staff wear masks on duty, and take temperature measurement and record at work to ensure the safety of staff on duty.         In addition, the office area is divided in detail. All employees go to and from work in the designated area to minimize staff gathering.   Third: eat alone, strengthen self - protection     All areas of the restaurant shall be thoroughly disinfected, and the body temperature of the kitchen staff shall be uniformly measured before working. The practice of staff eating at the wrong time to reduce the number of staff eating at the same time; The restaurant offers boxed meals, and employees are instructed not to sit or talk to each other during meals.       Fourth, project management, scientific and orderly   When the group project Management Center deployed the prevention and control work of the project resumption, in order to create a clean and safe environment for the project resumption personnel, the people left behind in the project regularly cleaned and disinfected the office and living space to ensure "no dead space". Companies in strict accordance with the requirements of, to all project personnel (including assistant and temporary workers) is MoPai and temperature continuous monitoring, especially one-to-one group focus on five kinds of personnel management, determine the one-to-one, daily to voice, text, video, etc way understand management object, timely report the information, and establish the personnel control information parameter, make sure to do "complete". According to the company's approval mechanism for the resumption of work of projects under construction, actively do a good job of the epidemic prevention and control plan for the resumption of work, and submit it to the group company for review. At the same time, the epidemic detection situation of the day should be reported to the Prevention and control office of the Group before 5 p.m. every day to ensure "no delay".        Fifth: warm heart care, staff thumb up   In the face of the fierce epidemic, the group not only makes all-round control, but also warmly prepares two masks and one bag of xia Sangju granules for each employee every day, truly putting employees' health in the first place. Colleagues have said that the mood is very upset when returning to work, but after work, found that the company has already taken such intimate, comprehensive epidemic prevention measures, they feel at ease a lot. In particular, personnel access, must have a work card, access card and personnel report, for the group's epidemic prevention work praise!   Although the current situation of the epidemic is still severe, zhongyang people firmly believe that the winter will pass and the warm spring will come. In this speci
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Chen Shengde, chairman of the group, attended the Annual meeting of Fuzhou Model Workers Association in the Spring Festival 2020 and gave a work report

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On January 9, 2020, the Annual meeting of Fuzhou Model Workers Association for the Spring Festival 2020 was held in Honor Hotel. The meeting was presided over by Yang Zhiwu, Secretary-General of Model Workers association, vice director of standing Committee of Municipal People's Congress and chairman of Municipal Federation of Trade Unions Jiang Yulan, vice chairman of Municipal Federation of Trade Unions Xie Xiaorong, vice chairman of Jiangxi Federation of Industry and Commerce, President of Fuzhou Model Workers Association and Chairman of Zhongyang Construction Group Chen Shengde, etc., attended the meeting. Representatives of nearly 100 model workers gathered from all fronts of the city to celebrate the New Year.       Chen Shengde, vice chairman of Jiangxi Federation of Industry and Commerce and chairman of Zhongyang Construction Group, made a work report at the meeting as President of the City workers' Association. The report summarizes the work that the association has done in the past year: first, strengthen four consciousness, strengthen the height of political standpoints; Second, improve the county organization, strengthen the breadth of the association; Third, carry forward the spirit of model workers, strengthen the depth of learning and publicity; Fourth, build a growth platform, strengthen the strength of model workers innovation; Five, wholeheartedly care worker model, strengthen the temperature of service management. When talking about the new ideas for the work of the Association in 2020, he pointed out that in the New Year, the Association should make great efforts to build the association into a "home for model workers, a home of honor, a home of examples and a home of warmth" that is learing-oriented, service-oriented, innovative, willing to do things, capable of doing things.     In her speech, Jiang Yulan, deputy director of the standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and chairman of the municipal Federation of Trade Unions, raised several hopes for the work of model workers association: first, model workers should make new achievements in the new era; second, build the model workers Association into a "warm home"; third, strengthen the self-construction of model workers Association. She also pointed out that, in the hope that the general model, as always, always do a model of firm ideal faith, a model of a model of hard labor, enhance unity, refreshing, blaze new trails, to more high mental state and more diligent work style, with the dream weavers of labor, to work, realize a dream to build a well-off new fuzhou to make new greater contributions.     At the meeting, Li Hui, President of Yihuang County model workers association, Dong Mugao, President of Linchuan District Model workers Association, and Zhang Aimin, president-elect of Chongren County Model Workers Association made typical speeches respectively.
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Party members took the lead and worked together to fight the epidemic

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Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes. Recently, the General Party branch of Zhongyang Construction Group actively led some party members to actively participate in the epidemic prevention and control work in Fuzhou Erxianqiao community. We communicated with community leaders to understand the needs of community work and put into practice the requirements of community measures for epidemic prevention and control.       Members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will assist community workers in taking their body temperature, registering for entry and exit, and disinfecting public health. They will respond to the call with concrete actions and support the community in epidemic prevention and control. Next, the General Branch of the Party of the Group will reasonably arrange personnel to work in rotation in the community in accordance with the work requirements of the community, and the assigned party members will spare no effort to complete the task of assisting the community, assisting the community staff in epidemic prevention and control, relieving the pressure at the grass-roots level, and relieving the community's worries and difficulties.     The epidemic merciless people love! At the critical juncture of the epidemic prevention and control, Zhongyang Construction Group actively responds to the call, takes the initiative to assume social responsibility, supports the community epidemic prevention and control, demonstrates the enterprise's responsibility, and contributes its strength to resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control battle!
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