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Key projects in Jiangxi in 2016 overfulfilled their construction tasks last year

On January 15, the reporter learned from the Provincial Development and Reform Commission that in 2016, the annual planned investment of key projects in our province was 143.216 billion yuan, and the total investment was 143.705 billion yuan, accounting for 100.3% of the annual plan and exceeding the annual construction task. In terms of railways, the Wuji-Jiujiang Guest College has been basically completed. Nearly 70% of the subgrade, bridge and tunnel of the changji and Jiangxi guest College have been completed, 70% of the construction of jiujingqu railway has been completed, and the diversion project of the Lushan Station section, the Jiangxi section of Ganzhou-Shenzhou-Passenger-College, the Jiangxi section of Xingquan Railway, and the Wuxi-Jiangxi railway has also been started. At the airport, Shangrao Sanqingshan Airport has been completed and its school flight has been successfully completed. The concrete surface of the apron of the second phase expansion airfield of Jinggangshan Airport has been completed, and the main part of the temporary terminal building has been basically completed. The reconstruction and expansion of ganzhou Golden Airport airfield has basically completed the earthwork, and the pile foundation of Terminal 2 has been basically completed. Among the major projects for people's livelihood, Nanchang Rail Transit line 2 and Line 3 are under construction at the same time, of which the southern extension of Line 2 was completed and opened to traffic in August this year. The main projects of hongjiaozhou Branch of the second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Xianghu Courtyard Project of the first Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Honggutan New Hospital of Provincial Children's Hospital and Honggu Branch of Provincial People's Hospital have all been capped. The main project of Honggutan Hospital of The Provincial Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, the provincial cultural Center, the provincial elderly care Center and other projects were all built as planned.  
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Clearing up and standardizing the deposit in the field of engineering construction has achieved remarkable results

Release time : 2017-01--23 Hits : 369
In order to streamline administration and delegate power and effectively reduce the burden on construction enterprises, on June 23, 2016, the General Office of the State Council issued the Notice on Cleaning up and Regulating Earnest money in the Field of Project Construction (Guo Ban Fat [2016] No. 49), requiring all earnest money to be cancelled except bidding, performance, project quality and wage earnest money for migrant workers. Construction enterprises may pay by means of bank guarantee; The cancelled deposit shall be returned to the relevant enterprises before the end of 2016; Improve the security deposit management system, prohibit the establishment of new security items, improve the integrity system. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, together with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other departments, conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of the State Council, and took effective measures to promote the work of cleaning up and regulating the system, with notable results achieved. First, mobilize and deploy. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, together with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, jointly held a teleconference on the implementation of Document No.49 [2016] of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, making a comprehensive deployment on the liquidation and standardization of security funds in the field of construction projects. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance, issued a circular requiring all localities to conduct an inventory in accordance with the principle of "no enterprise or project to be funded" to ensure timely return. Second, regular notification. Since August 2016, housing in urban and rural areas around clear specification monthly bulletin issued by the ministry of construction engineering construction field margin work progress, shamed work in poor areas, to increase the intensity of work, inverted schedule, develop targeted measures, establish parameter, carries out the responsibility, clear responsibilities, ensure to finish the task by the end of 2016. Third, we will carry out inspections. In December 2016, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development carried out special supervision on the rectification and standardization of earnest money in the field of engineering construction in Sichuan, Jiangsu and Shanghai, urging all provinces and cities to speed up the work progress, improve the earnest money management system and ensure the implementation of policies. Fourth, we will improve the system. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, together with the Ministry of Finance, revised and issued the Measures for The Administration of Project Quality Guarantee Deposit, which clarified the requirements of collection, return and substitution of guarantee for guarantee deposit. The competent housing and urban construction departments in all localities, together with other departments concerned, have taken active actions to innovate their working methods and adopt various measures to ensure that the policies are implemented. By the end of December 2016, construction enterprises all over the country had used bank guarantees to replace cash deposits of nearly 120 billion yuan, invigorating their working capital. Various localities have returned 49.65 billion yuan in deposits to construction enterprises, of which 28.08 billion yuan should be cancelled; A total of 21.57 billion yuan has been collected for four types of bonds, including tender guarantees, performance guarantees, project quality and migrant workers, which are overdue or overcharged. After nearly half a year of work to clean up and standardize the construction industry, the burden of enterprises has been effectively reduced, market vitality has been stimulated, and the healthy development of the construction industry has played an important role.
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Standard index of simplified Architectural Engineering design firm qualification issued by ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

Release time : 2016-12--09 Hits : 299
For the implementation of the central committee of the communist party of China on the management of the State Council on further strengthening the construction of urban planning several opinions, for construction engineering design office more favorable conditions for development, and to inspire designers vitality, promote the development of the architectural design firm, recently, housing in urban and rural areas issued by the ministry of construction "about promote the development of architectural engineering design office related matters notice (hereinafter referred to as the" notice "). "Notice" to the "standard of engineering design qualification" (built city [2007] no. 86) in building engineering design office qualification standard index simplified, reduced the partnership form design firm registered personnel quantity, eased the partnership form design firm limits on personnel age, cancelled the technology and equipment as well as the management organization structure, standard system, quality system, file management system such as indicators of the inspection. The notice stipulates that the tenderee shall not restrict or exclude any construction engineering design firm from participating in any construction engineering design bidding within the scope of qualification. The Notice requires housing urban and rural construction authorities at all levels to further improve relevant supporting policies for architectural engineering design firms, establish and improve the system of liability insurance for architectural design, and promote the healthy development of architectural engineering design firms. Insiders believe that the issuance of the Notice is conducive to the cultivation of a group of high-level architects' offices and a team of designers and architects with both international vision and national confidence, so as to create more national architectural masterpieces worthy of history and times. It is conducive to promoting professional cooperation in the architectural design industry. Comprehensive design institutes with grade A qualification in architecture and industry are engaged in comprehensive architectural engineering design. Design firms provide specialized and refined characteristic services. It is conducive to giving play to the leading role of architects in the whole process of engineering projects. The regulation allows a registered architect to set up an architectural design office in the form of a general partnership, which is conducive to stimulating the vitality of architects, realizing the design intention and enhancing the status of architects. Enterprise structure conducive to the formation of multi-level architecture design industry, common form of partnership and limited liability company form of the firm, together with the nature of the limited liability company design institute, constitute the architecture design industry multi-level enterprise form, is beneficial to professionals, combined with their own characteristics, select the appropriate company or firm forms to carry out business activities.
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Reduce the Burden of Enterprises and Stimulate market Vitality -- Interpretation of Notice on Clearing and Regulating The Margin in The Field of Engineering Construction

Release time : 2016-06--30 Hits : 421
The General Office of the State Council recently issued the Notice on Cleaning up and Standardizing The Deposit in the Field of Construction projects (hereinafter referred to as the Notice). The notice puts forward requirements from the aspects of clearing the kinds of margin, perfecting the margin system and supervising. What is the background and significance of "notice"? What are the highlights? How to implement? Li Dequan, a researcher at the Policy Research Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, has been studying these issues. Q: Why does the State Council attach so much importance to the issue of margin in the field of engineering construction? Joe lee: in the process of the construction unit and related department management, adopt to construction enterprises in cash to pay a certain amount of deposit, to be completed meet the relevant requirements shall be returned to the management, with its means hard, simple management and has the characteristics of the subsequent restriction, by the construction unit, are used more and more various related management departments. Due to the lack of standardized management, the types of deposit in the field of engineering construction have been increasing, which has formed the current situation of collecting various names, occupying a huge amount of funds and overwhelming the burden of enterprises. According to the survey results, the capital occupied by construction companies in the form of margin accounts for 10% or more of their annual operating income, and most of it is paid in cash. Moreover, the collection margin party overdue does not return, with a variety of reasons to delay the return, after the delay does not pay any capital to occupy the cost of the situation exists in different degrees around. In the construction market capital is tight, the construction enterprises by the large amount of unpaid project funds, and a large amount of margin is occupied under the circumstances, this issue has become a vital issue for the construction enterprises. Q: What policies does the Notice specify to address the margin issue? What are the highlights? Li Dequan: The Circular issued by the State Council this time has clear policy boundaries and strong pertinence, which is mainly reflected in two aspects: On the one hand, it draws the policy boundary and gives the policy bottom line of collecting margin. The Notice clearly states that all security funds, except those for bidding security, performance security, construction quality security and wage security for migrant workers, shall be cancelled. This will clarify the types of deposits that can be collected, and cancel all kinds of notional deposits that have no legal basis, which reflects the legal, clear, effective and secure solution. On this basis, the Circular further stipulates that "without the approval of the State Council, no region or department shall set up any new deposit project in the field of engineering construction". This will effectively stop the extensive management methods of construction units and administrative departments, which collect deposits at will, manage by collection, provide services on behalf of collection, and ignore the credit and performance of enterprises in the market. On the other hand, improve and perfect the margin payment, management mode. First, the notice is implemented in the form of bank guarantee as a form of guarantee. This method can not only relieve the pressure of large amount of corporate cash, but also can evaluate the economic strength and credit status of enterprises through the economic organization of Banks, which is conducive to the enterprises with good reputation to obtain a favorable market competitive position. Second, we will implement differentiated wage deposit for migrant workers. Namely to certain period wage pays good, the enterprise that does not have wage to default a circumstance, give earnest money derate treatment. In this way, the margin system is more focused on enterprises with wage arrears, such enterprises not only need to pay, but also appropriately increase the proportion of deposit. This kind of differentiated management reflects the original intention of management, good market atmosphere and refined progress of government management. Third, the Notice stipulates that if the performance bond has been paid before the completion of the project, the construction unit shall not reserve the bond for project quality at the same time. Straighten out the relationship between the margin, and solve the problem of repeated guarantee. Q: we have noticed that after the issuance of the notice, businesses have been flooded with thumb up messages. How can we ensure the implementation of the policy? Li Dequan: This is also one of the highlights of notice. We see, "notice" stipulated for the cancellation of the margin project, since the day of the notice issued, all stop collecting. For the cancelled margin project, the c
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Notice on Cleaning up and Standardizing The Deposit in The Field of Engineering Construction issued by the State Office

Release time : 2016-06--29 Hits : 572
The General Office of the State Council has recently issued the Notice on Cleaning up and Standardizing the Deposit in the field of engineering construction (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), comprehensively deploying the cleaning up and standardizing the deposit work in the field of engineering construction. The Notice points out that cleaning up and standardizing the deposit for construction projects is a necessary measure to streamline administration, delegate powers, strengthen regulation and optimize service reform. It is conducive to reducing the burden on enterprises, stimulating market vitality, developing credit economy, building a unified market, promoting fair competition and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry. From seven aspects, the notice puts forward the specific policies and measures to clean up and standardize the deposit in the field of engineering construction. First, we will comprehensively clean up all kinds of deposits. The earnest money that construction enterprises need to pay in the course of project construction shall be abolished, except for the earnest money for bidding, performance, construction quality and wages of migrant workers, which are set up in accordance with laws and regulations. Cancellation of the security deposit, since the date of the notice issued, all stop collecting. Second, change the way of margin payment. A bank guarantee system shall be implemented for the retained bid bond, performance bond, construction quality bond and wage bond of migrant workers, and construction enterprises may pay by way of bank guarantee. Three is to return the deposit on time. All localities should return the cancelled deposit to relevant enterprises before the end of 2016; Ensure that the deposit retained is returned on time. In case of failure to return the deposit in accordance with the provisions or the contract, the earnest money collecting party shall pay the construction enterprise a penalty for late return. Fourth, strict management of project quality margin. The upper limit of the reserved proportion of the project quality guarantee deposit shall not be higher than 5% of the total settlement amount of the project price. Where the performance bond has been paid before the completion of the project, the construction unit may not reserve the quality bond at the same time. Fifth, we will implement differentiated payment of wage deposits for migrant workers. For enterprises that do not have wage arrears within a certain period of time, measures for reducing or exempting wages shall be implemented; In case of wage arrears, the contribution ratio shall be appropriately increased. Sixth, standardize the margin management system. We will promptly revise relevant laws and regulations and improve the system and specific measures for margin management. As for the cancelled security deposit, we should promptly revise or abolish the system provisions inconsistent with the requirements of the liquidation regulations. While clearing and standardizing the margin, a new mechanism for supervising and restricting construction enterprises is gradually established by bringing it into the credit system. Seventh, it is strictly prohibited to set up new margin projects. Without the approval of the State Council, no region or department shall set up any new deposit project in the field of engineering construction in any form. We will comprehensively promote the disclosure of earnest money information in the field of project construction, establish a reporting and investigation mechanism, regularly publicize the investigation results, and expose typical cases of illegal collection of earnest money. "Notice" requirements, each region, each department should strengthen the organization and leadership, formulate specific plans, strengthen supervision and inspection, actively yet prudently advance, will practically clean up and standardize the construction of the deposit work in place. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Finance should closely follow up the progress, strengthen overall planning and coordination, and seriously investigate and hold accountable those who fail to comply with the requirements and fail to report the collection of deposits, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the clean-up and regulation work.
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Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued Several Opinions on Further Promoting The Development of General Project Contracting

Release time : 2016-06--02 Hits : 228
In order to implement the "Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Further Strengthening the Administration of Urban Planning and Construction", the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently issued the "Opinions on Further Promoting the Development of General Project Contracting" (hereinafter referred to as "The Opinions") to deepen the reform of the way of organizing and implementing construction projects. Engineering general contracting is internationally accepted way to organize the implementation of construction projects, and vigorously promote the engineering general contracting, actualizing the various phases of the design, procurement, construction and so on the depth of the fusion, giving full play to the advantages of technology and management of the general contractor enterprise, improve the level of project construction, to promote transformation and upgrading of industry, and in the service of "area" strategy implementation. Centering on further promoting the development of general project contracting, several Opinions put forward 20 policies and institutional measures from four aspects. First, we will vigorously promote general project contracting. The general project contract generally adopts the general contract mode of "design-purchase-construction" or "design-construction". The construction unit shall, in choosing the mode of organization and implementation of construction projects, give priority to the general project contracting mode in accordance with the principles of reliable quality and high efficiency. Government investment projects and prefabricated buildings shall actively adopt the model of general project contracting. Second, improve the project general contracting management system. The construction unit may, after the feasibility study, scheme design or preliminary design is completed, award the contract for the project and select the general contractor according to law by way of inviting public bidding or directly awarding the contract. The general contracting enterprises shall have design qualifications or construction qualifications commensurate with the project scale. The general contract project manager shall have the registered professional qualification of project construction or senior professional and technical title and have served as the general contract project manager, the person in charge of the design project or the manager of the construction project. The general contractor may carry out the design and construction by itself within the scope of the project permitted by its qualification certificate, or may, in accordance with the contract or with the consent of the construction unit, directly subcontract the design or construction business to the enterprise with corresponding qualifications on a preferential basis. The general contractor shall be fully responsible for the quality, safety, duration and cost of the project in accordance with the contract signed with the construction unit. Departments in charge of housing urban and rural construction at all levels shall improve and perfect the supervision procedures for general project contracting projects and promote the development of general project contracting. Third, we will improve the general contracting capacity and level of enterprises. The general project contracting enterprises should adjust and improve their organizational structure according to their business needs to form an organizational system integrating design, procurement and construction management. We will strengthen the construction of management systems for standards, quality, occupational health and safety, and the environment in general project contracting projects, and strengthen the construction of various types of management personnel. Fourth, we should strengthen the organization and implementation of general project contracting. Departments in charge of housing and urban and rural construction at all levels should strengthen organization and leadership, strengthen demonstration and guidance, foster a number of key enterprises engaged in general project contracting, and expand the influence of general project contracting. Industry organizations should play the role of bridge and link, reflect the demands of enterprises, carry out policy research, organize personnel training, and summarize and exchange experience. According to the Several Opinions, housing and urban-rural construction authorities at all levels should attach great importance to promoting the development of general project contracting, innovate the management mechanism of construction projects, improve relevant supporting policies, promote the implementation of various systems and measures, and promote the further development of general project contracting.
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