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Chen Enbin: The rise of a post-80s "overseas returnees" entrepreneur


Chen Enbin: The rise of a post-80s "overseas returnees" entrepreneur

2020-11-10 17:43



He is a real "gao Fu shuai", but he is humble low-key; He is a young and promising entrepreneur in the eyes of others, but he repeatedly waved that this is all the accumulation of our fathers. Chen Enbin, President of Zhongyang Construction Group Co., LTD., started his career as a grassroots employee, went to study abroad and returned to China to take over the company and carry out the reform. Although the road of life seems to be smooth all the way, he has stepped out of the different style of many young entrepreneurs born in the 1980s with steadiness and steadiness.

Take exercise at the grassroots level and study abroad

Chen Enbin was born in 1981 in jiangxi linchuan construction family, father Chen Shengde self-made, mason, for art, set up their own construction team, the father of construction project in the construction industry at that time the fame, father took over in 2002, fuzhou region construction engineering company (now ZhongYang construction group co., LTD.), has been engaged in building engineering construction technology and management in construction industry. In The eyes of Chen enbin, his father has always been his role model, and he has developed a strong interest in the construction industry and enterprise management, influenced by what he has seen and heard since childhood.

After graduating from university, Chen began to work in Zhongyang Construction Group Co., LTD. At the beginning of the company, Chen Enbin did not choose to take office in the senior management, but started from the management of business personnel, gradually accumulated experience. At that time, Chen Enbin knew almost nothing about the professional knowledge of the construction industry. However, with the spirit of being fearless of tigers at the beginning, the Nanchang branch he led completed all the annual operating indexes in less than half a year, which surprised Chen's father very much. In the following years, Chen Enbin continued to work at the grass-roots level, dealing with the competent departments, project personnel and customers, which not only created profits for the company, but also allowed him to accumulate precious human skills and operation and management experience. Although he had some front-line work experience, he thought that his comprehensive quality and ability were not enough to manage a large company, so he had the idea of studying abroad.

In 2008, Chen moved to Vancouver, Canada, to start his four-year study abroad. Chen enbin majored in economics. In his spare time, he often visited, studied and inspected enterprises in the same industry and other industries. Talking about his biggest feelings during his study abroad, he said, "Foreigners' style and process of doing things are particularly worth learning. Domestic enterprises usually hire employees first, and then set up the company management framework and process, while foreign companies make all these very perfect, and then move on according to their personal abilities."

In Vancouver, Chen has acquired three pieces of land, two of them for real estate development. It is necessary to be familiar with relevant local laws and regulations, attract and gather talents, and select the class with practical spirit and professional ability to form their own basic team in the actual project operation. This way, the investment risk is small, the probability of success is high. At present, his investment in real estate development projects are very steady pace very solid.

Take over the company, tamp enterprise development power source

After returning Chen Enbin began to take over the affairs of the company, he first of all, to establish and perfect the company dozens of production and operation regulations, perfect management system, and outside the province to take project simulation stock management pattern, a change in the past, dominated by a single cooperation project situation, operation mode is diversified development, eliminate a batch of management is not standard, poor operating performance of branch. We should improve the fund management process of the project, pay close attention to cost control, strengthen process management, award the best and eliminate the bad, select high-benefit and high-quality projects for bidding in a differentiated way, prevent risks, encourage operators to increase the intensity of undertaking large volume and self-run projects, improve the contract collection rate, and ensure the sustainable development of business outside the province.

In the development of the market outside the province, he chose a typical tree, to point belt surface, radiation superior areas, forming a good situation of overall development. Steady and steady, in addition to fully understand the local market situation, construction team situation, but also consider the climate, social security and laws and regulations and many other factors, have enough risk prevention and control ability to expand. We will cooperate with local construction contractors with strong economic strength, good social reputation and excellent performance as partners, and focus on supporting those branches with scientific and standardized management, sound institutions, complete personnel and strong strength to help them grow stronger and bigger and drive overall development.

In the construction management, he adhered to the principle of "quality first, safety first", established and improved a series of rules and regulations, and constantly improved the management quality. To sum up his specific practice of project management: to grasp a "tube" in the formation of the project team; In the project quality management to grasp a "superior" word; In the construction site management to grasp a "strict" word; Seize a "fast" word in project schedule management; Seize a "letter" in the performance of the contract, and use incentive and restraint mechanism to encourage the staff to create quality projects, tree enterprise image.

Under his leadership, the group has generated more than 100 million yuan in local tax revenue in the past three years. In 2015, the project of "New Hospital of Nanchang Hongdu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital" (phase I) contracted by the company was awarded the Luban Award of China Construction Engineering (National Quality Project), which realized the zero breakthrough of Fuzhou housing construction project to this award. In the same year, the group house construction and construction of the general contractor was successfully upgraded to the super qualification. At the same time, the group's construction industry (construction engineering, civil air defense engineering) design qualification has also been promoted to class A qualification. This means that fuzhou construction industry to create a super enterprise by the zhongyang construction group to achieve the first goal.

Chen Enbin believed that to make enterprises bigger and stronger is the basis of local economic development. A strong enterprise makes a strong economy, a strong economy makes a strong local, and a strong local society makes a strong society. He poured his passion into the land where he raised himself. The company has developed from an enterprise with only one qualification of building construction to the super qualification of general contracting of building construction, the first-grade qualification of general contracting of mechanical and electrical installation engineering and the third-grade qualification of landscaping, which has increased the company's first-grade qualification of general contracting and professional contracting to eight. At present, the company has completed the construction and design integration of building decoration qualification declaration work, for the expansion of the enterprise business scope to create a good condition. At present, the group has 6 subsidiaries and 18 branches, and its business covers 22 provinces, cities and municipalities directly under the Central Government. It is a key backbone enterprise focusing on construction and installation with collectivized operation and diversified industries. In 2016, the Group also successfully obtained the approval of the general contracting enterprise qualification of complete set of foreign aid projects from the Ministry of Commerce, achieving another milestone breakthrough in the development history of the Group.

Transformation and upgrading, production and promotion of environmentally friendly new building materials

Chen Enbin is a bold pioneer and full of scientific attitude of the reformer, entrepreneur.

In the field of building materials, he also has his own unique views. Traditional wood and bamboo templates are resource-based products that require a large number of trees to be cut down, which wastes national resources and is not conducive to the long-term green development of construction enterprises. In his opinion, replacing wood with plastic is an inevitable trend in the development of building materials. While studying in Canada, he found that the developed countries were more mature in the research, development and market of building plastic templates. After a large number of domestic and foreign market research, he saw the plastic template as a new type of environmentally friendly building materials contain huge business opportunities, the company to take the road of sustainable development, must do something in this area.

Under the leadership of Chen Enbin, the leadership of Zhongyang Group firmly grasped the theme of The Times of green development, and put accelerating the transformation of development mode through the whole process of enterprise development to strengthen the construction of innovation capacity and strengthen the support of green development. In order to speed up the research and development of new building plastic composite template, the company has invested more than 4 million yuan in scientific research.

In 2009, the new template was developed jointly with Jiangxi Building Materials Science and Design Institute. After more than a year of unremitting efforts by researchers, the new construction plastic composite template finally developed successfully, and successfully tried in a number of sites. The products are mainly used in all kinds of buildings, such as houses, Bridges, tunnels and other cast-in-place concrete formwork projects, with enterprise independent core technology, is the recycling of resources and environmental protection projects. New composite plastic building templates with waste plastics as raw material, can completely replace the traditional architecture template of bamboo and wood, whose process technology and product performance has reached domestic leading level, with low cost and superior performance, easy operation, can repeat use, recycling and other advantages, is to save resources, building industry transformation and upgrading of a new generation of building materials.  

The project has also received strong support from jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, provincial government, Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee and municipal government. In March 2010, Zhongyang Dexin Technology Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongyang Construction Group, was formally established. The factory covers an area of 222.32 mu, mainly engaged in the research, development and production of new building templates and various energy-saving, environmental protection and renewable energy utilization products. At present, zhongyang Construction Group subordinate Zhongyang DE Xin technology Co., LTD. Research and development of "new composite plastic building template" has entered the stage of industrial production. Provincial housing and construction department, municipal leaders and representatives of more than 100 well-known construction enterprises have visited the template site promotion meeting held by Zhongyang Construction Group, greatly expanding the influence of the product. In October 2015, the group introduced international first-class production equipment to promote the production process, technical equipment and product quality to reach the international advanced level.

Due to the remarkable effect of energy conservation and emission reduction, the company's products have outstanding green environmental protection and circular economy characteristics and huge market potential, and are in line with relevant national industrial policies, which have attracted the attention of provincial and municipal leaders. At present, the provincial and municipal departments concerned have, in accordance with the instructions of the provincial Party Committee secretary and the instructions of the provincial leadership, in combination with the implementation of the relevant national and provincial policies and regulations, determined that the plastic composite building template produced by our group as a key promotion project, and give support as far as possible.

One Belt And One Road, leading zhongyang construction to "go out"

At the very beginning of the "One Belt And One Road" strategy proposed by general secretary xi jinping, Chen enbin realized that in order to achieve long-term development, traditional enterprises need to respond to the call of the state and quickly promote the implementation of the group's "going out" strategy. "If the group has been hiding its strength, now is the time for us to seize the opportunity and take the initiative." Chen enbin said.

In fact, the group company "go out" road has been explored for a long time. In the late 1970 s, when the spring breeze of reform and opening-up came head-on, when the company respond to a nation called on, actively participate in the changeable international market competition, has built the yemen saada highway, Zambia textile, 2) Iraq, Libya benghazi residential engineering school, Mauritius, and labor services and technical cooperation with Japan's mitsubishi building societies. Many projects have been built in many Countries and regions in Asia and Africa. I have accumulated rich experience in overseas architecture, and more importantly, I have seen the direction clearly and strengthened my confidence. In response to the central government's "One Belt And One Road" development strategy, Chen enbin has led the group to actively seek overseas investment markets in recent years and conducted business visits to north Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia and many African countries.

2016 is the year when zhongyang construction group participated in the comprehensive promotion of "One Belt And One Road" construction. On January 13, the company, as one of the 27 initiator units, joined the jiangxi Province "go out" enterprise strategic cooperation alliance. In February 2016, the Group established its overseas business Division, formulated a comprehensive strategic guideline of "going global", and actively explored and explored the African market. In March, Chen Enbin led a group of senior executives to visit Zambia, a southern African country, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zambia Huajiang Investment Co., LTD. In July, Zambian Ambassador to China Ms. Chibeza Kuda and her delegation visited Zhongyang Construction Group. In August, a delegation led by Chen Enbin visited djibouti's engineering market, financial market and real estate development for a week... Zhongyang construction group has made breakthrough progress in implementing the strategic deployment of "One Belt And One Road" and the strategic target of "going global", which has also laid a good foundation for the economic and trade cooperation between jiangxi enterprises and the African region.

"Enterprise development is only beginning and ending", he used his efforts in the practice of his promise, facing the construction market competition challenges, his own ambition and enterprise's future and destiny closely together, actively integrated into the national strategy of "area" concept, to lead the masses of the staff to bring the company into a private construction enterprises in jiangxi province, gradually expand ZhongYang overseas business landscape, take concrete actions to local economic development and national modernization construction contributes own strength.

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