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Zhou Jiahua: green trend promotes plastic building materials to develop greatly


Zhou Jiahua: green trend promotes plastic building materials to develop greatly

2020-11-10 17:43



More than 30 years ago rigid PVC low foamed plastic (its main component is polyvinyl chloride, PVC for short) in Western Europe just came out, at that time was called "the future of wood". Compared with wood material, rigid PVC low foaming material has moistureproof, anticorrosive, insect-resistant, flame retardant, no paint, no poison tasteless and other characteristics, but also will prevent termites. This kind of products can not only save wood, but also effectively improve people's living environment, is the best indoor and outdoor building materials.

In the eyes of Zhou Jiahua, secretary general of the hard PVC foaming products Special committee of China Plastic association, the hard PVC low foaming plastics is like a bride with a red veil, which makes him intoxicated, and firmly believe that one day he can lift the red veil of the bride, under the attention of the people to achieve the peak of his career.

In recent years, the average annual growth of our country foamed plastic products is more than 15%, becoming a bright spot in the development of plastic industry. Under the development background of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, traditional building formwork such as bamboo and wood formwork has gradually lost its advantage in the market due to the serious waste of resources caused by the huge amount of consumption, which makes the plastic building materials with environmental protection and energy saving features have a larger space for development. For rigid PVC foamed building materials, such as rigid PVC foamed building templates, building exterior decorative boards, etc., due to significant energy conservation and environmental protection effect, the current foreign consumption growth is very fast, after the plastic pipe and plastic doors and Windows profile, the demand for new plastic building materials.

Although the prospect is optimistic, but at present our country's production enterprises and construction enterprises for the rigid PVC foamed building materials product cognition is not enough. Zhou Jiahua told reporters: "Green, environmental protection, turnover times, recyclable plastic template, will become a new choice in line with the actual development needs. With the maturity and improvement of plastic template technology, the comprehensive advantages of its application will be gradually improved, and it will be widely accepted by the market. It's a meaningful thing to do, but it requires that both upstream producers and downstream construction companies, as well as individual consumers at the end, recognize the social significance of the event and take action. It takes a process, and I'm sure it won't be long!"

In 2012, CCA issued the Guidance on the Development Plan of the Plastic Processing Industry during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period, which clarified the status of the plastic processing industry in the national economy and clarified the overall development idea of the industry during the 12th Five-year Plan Period. It is pointed out that we should rely on scientific and technological innovation, promote technological progress, and promote industrial upgrading to build a modern industrial system, so as to promote plastic processing enterprises to take the road of scientific and technological innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and brand benefits, and constantly narrow the gap with developed countries, and lay a solid foundation for achieving the goal of becoming a powerful country in plastic processing industry.

In a variety of development requirements and trends, in the country to promote green building, green construction of the growing voice of the situation, research and development of new green, environmental protection, recyclable building template will be more and more urgent requirements. Zhou Jiahua introduces: "engaged in many years of research and development, using plastic template to replace the traditional template is more effective a method, since 2009 from the whole industry, foam board in PVC development in the fastest. PVC foamed products, plastic properties changed into wood properties, the development of this industry in line with China's national conditions and social needs. In North America and Europe, in recent years are also in the focus of promotion. The United States in 1999 put forward a statement, PVC foam is the next 50 years to replace the best products of wood. It's a real artificial wood. There's not a bit of wood powder in it, but it turns into a wood performance. There's a lot of room for development in the construction industry, the decoration industry, the furniture industry."

China's social economy is undergoing a major transition from investment-oriented development to deeper development. To promote the development of an industry or a product, the most important thing is to expand its application field and scope and extend the upstream and downstream industrial chain.

"To promote the development of PVC industry, not just focus on the development of PVC industry itself, more important is, when you go to the market, pay attention to the needs of the market, looking for alternative products in the market, and then USES the cheap, the characteristics of the thermal insulation of PVC (e.g., its heat transfer coefficient is only 1/5 of 1/8 of the aluminum and iron), further expand the application field of PVC downstream. Only by studying the market, even changing the backward consumption habits and creating the demand, can the new rigid PVC foaming products meet the development requirements have great potential!"

As the secretary-general of the committee of rigid PVC foaming products of China Plastic Association, Zhou Jiahua has been determined to devote his life to this. He moved his lab and studio to the front line of the factory. At the kind invitation of Zhongyang Construction Group, he chose to work with Zhongyang to start his dream from the plastic building template, and he never gave up!

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